You can now send GIFs in DMs on Instagram

Earlier this year, Instagram added the ability to embed GIF stickers in Stories, and now, users can send GIFs to each other in DMs, via a new button in the composer bar.

In any message thread, tap the new GIF button in the composer bar to open a library of the latest trending GIFs powered by GIPHY. Swipe through to see what’s currently trending or search using keywords or phrases to find the perfect GIF to make your friends laugh.

instagram gifs

You can also search ‘random’ in the search section to send a random GIF associated with what you’ve searched. You can send animated GIFs in a Direct one-on-one message or group chat. There’s a new Gif button within Direct from where you can search and send Gif while having a conversation with friends.

Instagram says GIFs in direct messages are available in the latest updates for iOS and Android. Users can either search for a GIF, or tap the Random button for a surprise.


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