Truecaller Introduces New Features – Back Up Contacts, Call History and Restore

the popular caller ID app, has launched Truecaller Backup for Android, a new
feature which allows users to backup and restore their contacts, call history,
block list, and settings.

The feature comes in handy when you’re switching to a new phone, getting a
new SIM card, or resetting your device. Truecaller Backup simplifies transition
to a new phone without losing contacts, call logs, etc.

How Does it works?
Truecaller will create a
private folder on your Google Drive to store the backed up files. 
back up and new features
Note, Truecaller does not inspect nor have access to this
How to enable backup?
  1. Enable feature through the wizard or within the app
  2. Select Google account to store the backup
  3. Grant Truecaller access to Google Drive 
How to restore backup?
  • Make sure the same Google account that was used to
    perform the backup has been added to your phone
  • Uninstall and reinstall Truecaller on your device and
    you’ll be prompted to restore
  • Wait for the restore to finish and restart Truecaller
What does truecaller backup?
  • Contacts
  • Call log and search history
  • Unknown numbers identified by Truecaller
  • App settings
  • Blocklist 
Before You Begin, It’s important to note the following;
  • Truecaller does not restore picture of your contacts
  • Does not restore ringtones, as it’s a system setting
  • You can only restore during activation (through the
  • Backup is tied to your phone number and Google
  • Backup frequency is by default set to weekly (daily and
    monthly can be set within the app settings)
  • Google play services version 11.6.0 or above is
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