NCC Prepares to Implement 14 days Grace Period for Data Roll-over

You must have read this over and over again on the net but
here is an official statement from NCC. 
NCC is working to issue a directive to telecommunications
operators to give 14 days’ window to subscribers to enable them to roll over
their unused data.

to the chairman of the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of
Nigeria (ALTON) Mr Gbenga Adebayo, said 14 days data roll over will make
subscribers happy, and if they are happy, our members will align with the
directive provided it does not impact on the existing cost,” 

On its part, the National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers,
NATCOMS, has called on NCC to extend the grace period to 30 days. According to
him, 14 days was not enough, considering the present economic situation.
Adding that, the grace period for
the voice recharge is 90 days hence data subscription should not be different.
NCC maintained that subscribers would be given the 14 days grace even if they
do not renew on the date of expiration of their data. Danbatta said that this
would stop the present practice where subscribers would lose the entire unused
data, if they failed to renew on the date of the expiration of the present

Well, its not actually more grace period that we need but we need more data
that doesn’t zap.

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16 thoughts on “NCC Prepares to Implement 14 days Grace Period for Data Roll-over”

  1. Romeo, you said it all. What we want is unlimited data and not all these tricks by network providers. Some guys are flowing like ocean with the new Etisalat unlimited magic sim. I am surprised the Prof doesn't want to make any comment about it or even give us the code.

  2. Sincerely I doubt if there's anything presently like data zapping in mtn. If you're flexing 4g like I'm, don't expect your internet data bundle to last. The same 2gb that I finish in 5days, is the same amount of data my sister can use for 3weeks.

    On Monday I streamed Manchester United game using about 300mb which is normal.

    Data rollover is not a bad idea, if the economy of Nigeria is good, most of us will be able to subscribe for the unlimited plan offered by networks like smile.


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