MTN Free 6,000Min Bonus Credit to All MTN Users

I just saw this in one of the comment section and I decided
to bring it up here as a post. Mtn is actually giving out 6000 min to call your
partner according to what they say. I don’t know what they are upto but 6000
minutes is a huge amount of airtime.
To check your bonus Dial *559*10# and you’ll see your 6,000
min. Mind you, you can only use this 6,000Min to call your partner which is
your best friend forever.

How To Make Use of 6,000 Min
If you are on True talk or Smooth Talk package,  kindly use the dial *380*1*Phone Number# to
register  your best friend forever.
==>And if you are on iPulse package, dial *390*1*Phone
to register your best friend forever.
==>To delete BFF on True talk and Smooth talk, dial
==>To delete BFF on iPulse, dial *390*2#
Note: You can only add one best friend for Smooth Talk
Package and Two best friend for True Talk package.
Mtn, only God knows your plan for making me see 6000Min on
my bonus account this night.
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37 thoughts on “MTN Free 6,000Min Bonus Credit to All MTN Users”

  1. Yomi wassap pls am having prblem with my tecno m7….i installed font on it so it was working fine…bt yesterday i wanted to do a factory reset den my fone got bricked……if i put it on now it wil show tecno logo and show a sign of android robot wiping….das how it will do….it will b rebooting itself and showing android logo…..wen i try to boot to recovery it wont enta recovery…its alredy rooted with cwm on it….i did a nanadroid backup….pls help me out…..
    Is dere anyway i can flash a custom rom with pc or?????

    • It is obvious you phone is bricked. But since you said you did a nandroid back up, then their is hope.

      1. Reboot into recovery.
      2. Flash the '' ( flash means select that file and 'install the update from SD card').
      3. Select 'Backup and Restore'.
      4. Then select 'restore' from the menu.
      5. It will either show a list where you must choose your backup.

  2. Please oooo, has anyone succeeded in registering a partner? Me I am not eligible because I am on Business Plan and I don't want to migrate. so if you tried *380*1*# and it didn't work out for you, Kindly try *560*1*number# or better still call CC and ask them how to add a partner.

    I don't know why my line is not eligible for the offer abi dem they fear me…

  3. yomi pls help me… tecno r7 google playstore aint opening and it saying Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped and i have cleared caches removed my google account and add it back but still mumuring…..abeg help me

    • Please try any of these solutions below:

      1. Remove the updates for your Google Play

      – Go to the menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>google play store–> uninstall updates, then reboot your device.

      2. Remove the cache for your Google Play

      – Go to the menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>google play store–> remove cache, then try to run your google play again. It is better to do a reboot.

      3. Try to delete and re-install Google Play

      – In some cases, delete and re-install resolve this issue.

      4. Try to delete your google account and add your google account again

      – Go to the menu -> settings -> account remove your current google account then add it again here.

      5. Check that Google Play on your device installed as system app instead of user app

  4. i deleted that google update mistakenly….if i try to uninstall it everything will disappear and google app unless i install it back and wahala will start again


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