9 Methods To Fix “Google Play Has Stopped Working” on Android

As an Android user, you probably might
have come across a message like “Google Play services has stopped working”,
when you try to open your Google Play or you are currently encountering such
messages now, then the few steps you are about reading will help you out in
fixing it.
Before you proceed, you don’t need to
try all the steps at once but one after the other until it works out for you

 How Can I Fix Google Play Services Has Stopped Working?
Method 1

1. Make sure your phone is rooted or (
use framaroot apk … quick and simple )
2. Download and install Total Commande apk here
3. Run Total Commander, allow root access
4. locate and open SYSTEM FILE
5. locate and open ETC FILE
6. locate and open HOSTS FILE …open with EDIT OPTION
7. insert the symbol # before the second set of ip address numbers then save
the changes and exit
8 …. Reboot your phone and add Google account in settings and your playstore
will now work

Method 2
 Remove the updates for your Google Play
– Go to the
menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>google play store–> uninstall
updates, then reboot your device.
Method 3
Remove the cache for your Google Play
– Go to the menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>google
play store–> remove cache, then try to run your google play again. It is
better to do a reboot.
Method 4

Try to delete and re-install Google
– In some cases, delete and re-install
resolve this issue.
Method 5

Try to delete your Google account and
add your Google account again
– Go to the menu -> settings ->
account remove your current google account then add it again here.
Method 6

Check that Google Play on your device
installed as system app instead of user app
– If your Google Play installed as user
app, try to install it as system app. There is a app that helps you to change
it easily. “/system/app mover” Try this app (Sorry you have to find the app on
your own!)
Method 7

Download and install a different
version of Google Play
– Sometimes a different version of
google play works instead of one that you have on your machine. so try to find
a different version of google play(older or newer version) and try.
Method 8
Flight Mode Solution
– Set your mobile in “flight mode” just
to get rid of all the error messages from Google Play Store.
– Go to your application manager, and then scroll to the right to “all apps”.
Go to the very bottom and check that there are no deactivated apps/processes
there. If so, enable them.”
– Deactivate “flight mode”. Now it should work again.
Method 9

Use a different market application
– You can also use a different market
app like 1mobile or SlideME  in place of Google play services.
Did any of the method above work for
you? Or you have some more solution that has helped you fix this issue, kindly
tell us using the comment box.
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29 thoughts on “9 Methods To Fix “Google Play Has Stopped Working” on Android”

  1. prof pls I'm sorry to post this under this thread but I really need Ur help…..my F5 sucks RAM like anything,d free RAM is usually btw 10-50mb even wen i'm not running any app,sometimes 0mb,therefore d phones gets hot when used for lyk 15minutes….l ave used RAMEXPANDER and LINK2SD to freeze some apps running on background, it's just a little bit better not satisfactory at all…..what else can I do,I really need Ur help
    This my email folaseun20@gmail. com

    • Go to ur settings>>Apps>>Click on all d apps one after the other, clear d app cache and clck on Force stop only to d app you dnt want it to run. But dnt touch Google play services at all

  2. I used Method Two and it worked for me. Mr Yomi pls my 10days Spark tablet just started showing something like orange kinda ink at the centre of the screen and it keeps pressing everything that appears at the centre. Pls what can I do?
    Btw the tab didn't fall nor did anyone press it

    • It seems someone press overpress the screen or something heavy rested on the screen mistakenly. You need to take it to Phone Engr to help you check on it but don't do it yourself.

    • Yes of cos, its very possible. Just click 0n the apps you want to buy and It will ask your to pay either with Paypal account or other wise. You should by now have your own paypal acount… if you dont, please open one… its free.

      However, why will you wanna buy paid apps when you can download any paid apps on playstore for free?

  3. There is this music player called poweramp (trail) i downloaded it and used it for lyk 2minutes nd it closed by itself nd said i should download the full version… Wen i checked it on google play store d app is nt free. Den googled nd searched 4 for it, finally i downloaded d full version Nd opend d app. I got a massage sayin dat could nt verify license… I dont knw wat else to. Oga yomi help ohhh… (*_*)

  4. Prof yomiprof.net I appreciate your work can you post the link to the page on how to browse during the day with mtn night plan using simple server thanks

  5. Haha Prof, Facebook too mumu jor, the last time I commented using my fan page, Facebook starts broadcasting it that, my page commented on a link, before I knew what was happening all my fans run, knowing fully well that everything only my blog is the edited version of your blog, and most of my traffic is from Facebook… haaaa Prof this one na death sentence oh….

  6. Prof I told you something about this when I just started blogging and that's more than four months ago, but you didn't answer me instead you said something is wrong with my blog,

    The linkwithin gadget I installed on my blog is not showing any post and all my post are labelled, I will only see the "You might also like" but there would be no post under it. please what is the possible cause or how can I contact blogger for this,

    same thing applies to the Random post Widget code I installed on my blog, but why is It only my blog, mean while the linkwithin worked for my brothers blog, or should I get another blog and start from square one? you know what that means, So please Prof I need serious help here, and you know how important linkwithin Or any related post widget is to a blog.

  7. Morning sir yomi,as using Sony Xperia z ultra have tried to root the phone but supersu and busybox doesn't work in it but when I installed root checker it do tell me the phone has root access. my main issue is that the phone do hang sometimes then will let the battery drained before I can use it. please what's the course of that hanging issue and how can I resolved it. and how can I root the phone?

    • This will solve your hanging issue
      1. Press the Power and Volume Up buttons and hold them until the phone vibrates.

      2. Now release the buttons, that’s it. The cache partition is already wiped out.

  8. This post should have "How to make your Google playstore work again,If you received error in connection" heading. Not how to fix Google playstore has stopped working. Nice one prof. First time to comment on this blog for over 1 year I know you.lol.wink!!!!


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