Why do OEMs Keep Producing 1GB Ram Android Phones?

Some OEMs are going from grass to grace while others are
declining from grace to grass. I’ve been privileged to handles phones and I can
tell you that some phone manufacturers have greatly improved on their products
most especially in terms of ram capacity while others are left with questions
I’ve been wondering for sometimes now why some phone
manufactures decide to stick with 1GB ram; some vowed never to leave 1GB ram
and yet they keep releasing newer phones all the time.

Look at this, if someone had told me that InnJoo A Plus will
be InnJoo Halo Plus, I would have argued it…much hype and yet it comes with 1GB ram.
InnJoo Fire 2 also comes with 1GB ram. Virtually all the mobile phones launched
this season comes with 1GB ram ranging from Tecno Phonepad 7II, W3, W4 etc.
We all know that the larger the ram capacity, the better the
performance. Other brands are unleashing 3GB ram, 4GB ram, and now that 6GB ram
is coming into play, what do we have to do with 1GB RAM? It’s complete
backwardness in this age of modern technology. Its not all about larger battery
and fast charge but Ram too is important. It’s even common these days you can
see a phone with good battery but comes with a lukewarm ram and the most
annoying part is that it doesn’t support 4G network.  It’s high time our OEMs give us something more
appealing and more appealing that will make me want to be changing devices
every month.
I know some OEMs believe that Nigerians don’t really care
much about ram capacity, instead fancy look, big screen and all that but that
is not true. Even our babes will tell you that “O boy if the ram no big, I no
, what do I have to do with a device that can’t multi-task? 
I’m just appealing before we’ll all fly to Ku chin wai,
Jetai mei
in China to buy our devices. Our OEMs should look into this and give
us big ram phones.
What do you think?
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24 thoughts on “Why do OEMs Keep Producing 1GB Ram Android Phones?”

  1. That's quite true yomi baba. We don't get what we want and they don't want to give it to us.
    But it doesn't mean we can't buy phones, I mean good phones that can serve us well. I read your post and made another one to extend it! We need to create some sort of online awareness about this.
    Now, we can combine some of these features as it suits our needs to bring out the best for what we need and this is what I did => here
    Hopefully, it'll add value and color to this post!

  2. They need to wake up.. And realize that 1gb devices are going out of the game

    Brothers.. Pls someone should help me with a program that can be used to record my desktop screen.

  3. (Pardon Off Point pls) my infinix hot II suddenly started miss behaving… when the phone is asleep and call comes in, it will continue sleeping and slumbering and snoring while ringing. Meaning I cant see hu is calling and I cant pick until I end d call and press d side key…. Any help will be appreciated.


    • Lol!Infinix hot 2 is known for mysterious misbehavior. It is due for system update. If an update is available, I'll suggest your upgrade it. If not, go to settings>>apps, clear all applications cache and data except Google services and then reboot your device.

  4. tank God am not d only one noticing dis. infinix hot 2 had 2gb ram, infinix hot 3 came out dis year wit 1gb ram. instead of trying to upgrade, dey are downgrading. its so annoying, i will be eagerly anticipating d arrival of a phone and at d end am disappointed

  5. Like seriously, I personally agree with mr.Yomi. This guys are selling big time here, why not give us big time devices. Tecno's work is to create one device with variable specs. Itel is just off the beat when it comes to ram. Infinix and Gionee are trying. The worst part of it is on software updates. Giving us low ram and poor software backup. If you wanna get a new os from them, you get a new phone. Too backward. I am still using my infinix hot 2 2gb ram with android 6.0 Yesterday nite, I even received a minor update on my infinix,about 7mb. If we all start patronizing other better oems, these over relaxed guys will step up. I wander the phone they are personally using* Come to think of it, what are they taking us for? Lets just hope they make a CHANGE.
    Commenting from…

    • I reason with what you said bro, I'm sure Tecno Manager is using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. InnJoo Manager is Using Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro and iPhone 6. They only use their products during the launch; and after the launch they dump it inside nigerian market.

  6. That's the main reason I t Elephone P8000 ffrim jumia, though it was shipped from honk Kong but believe me I order it on Monday and I get it the following Monday just 1 week, the phone has a better spec 3gb ram, 16gb ROM, 5.5 inches screen, finger print, 4000mAh battery, 13mp & 5mp camera, octa core 1.3GHz, and it 4G LTE phone, it cost me 37k+ last 2 week but believe me the price now is already sky rocket.

  7. Actually so many people in Nigeria don't even know what's Ram. people went to market and bought phone without asking about Ram, they only care about the camera. So all this manufacturer believed that Nigerians don't know much about phone. If we will stop patronizing they 1Ram I believe they will stop producing those toys.

  8. Pls prof
    am sorry if am deviating how much does gear best charge to a dollar and what's your view about oukitel k6000

  9. Pls Yomi Prof, My Bluboo X550 needs a new screen and screen calibration. Half of the screen is not responsive and sometimes operates itself. Please do you know anywhere I can fix this in Lagos or any contact you share? Thank you so much.


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