It’s Time to Delete Facebook Says WhatsApp Co-Founder

In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 billion, making
its co-founders — Jan Koum and Brian Acton — very wealthy men. Koum continues
to lead the company, but Acton quit earlier this year to start his own
foundation. And he isn’t done merely with WhatsApp — in a post on Twitter
today, Acton told his followers to delete Facebook.

In a tweet
on Wednesday, Acton joined the chorus of voices calling on people to delete the
social network. His advice to users to stop using the service is notable
because WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.
The “delete
Facebook” movement is growing due in part to a massive data scraping
scandal in which data firm Cambridge Analytica harvested information on 50
million Facebook users without their knowledge.
Acton left Facebook (FB)
in September of last year, and recently announced
a $50 million investment in secure messaging app Signal and joined the
company’s foundation.
Facebook is under fire from the public and politicians in
the United States and the United Kingdom over its data privacy practices. The
company is taking a financial hit, too—Facebook lost
$50 billion in market value this week.
Deleting Facebook may not be a viable option for some, but those who
want to detach themselves from the Facebook platform would need to
delete apps Facebook owns, too, which include WhatsApp and Instagram. 
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21 thoughts on “It’s Time to Delete Facebook Says WhatsApp Co-Founder”

  1. Not suprised at all because i always know that there is a price to pay for all this social media, even google is not spared when it comes to privacy infringements issues.

  2. Facebook is the social media site that can never die because it combines features and activities that all other social media app have in one. The only thing i would like for Facebook to introduce is an option to delete account instead of deactivate

    • Point of correction, never use the word never. It is only God that cannever die. Hi5 was before FB, MySpace was before FB… why are they no longer heard even though they are still operating? Even 2g0. Facebook is gradually going down

  3. I read how you can protect your datyon Facebook on CNN this morning. All you need to do is disable apps that have access to your data. Besides, we need to learn to stop granting unnecessary permission to third party apps.

    • Do you mean you can only access your fb on iOS device only?
      Just because you’re wearing a bullet proof vest doesn’t mean I can’t kill you with a headshot.

  4. Leave Facebook? When Facebook has eaten deep in to our fibroid. am not a Facebook addict person, anyway, I can easily do that. For those of your that fear for your privacy, you can honourably delete the app, too


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