You Can Now Pin Multiple Messages on Your WhatsApp Chat

Last December, WhatsApp introduced a neat feature allowing users to stick important messages in their chats. But here’s the twist: you could only stick one message at a time. However, now things are changing! Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart have some exciting news. They’ve announced that users can now stick up to three messages in both individual and group chats.

You can stick all sorts of messages – text, pictures, even polls! To stick a message, just hold it down, tap “Pin” from the menu, and choose how long you want it there. By default, it stays pinned for seven days, but you can also choose 24 hours or 30 days. After that time, if you haven’t removed it, it’ll unstick itself.

Whatsapp message pin

What’s more, when you tap on a pinned message, you’ll jump straight to it in the chat.

In group chats, admins can decide if members can stick messages. And when a message gets stuck, everyone in the group gets a heads-up. But, here’s the catch: if you join a group after a message is stuck, you won’t see it. Plus, if you’ve deleted the message or don’t have the chat history, it won’t show up for you either.

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