Easter Promo: Get Unlimited Downloading on Smile, Spectranet & Swift Network

week is super-fast; Easter is super approaching and I guess you need a super-fast
4G connectivity at a super cheap rate. Those of you using SMILE, SPECTRANET and
SWIFT can testify to the 4G unlimited download rate of these networks using the
back yard address.

the spirit of Easter, there will be Easter Splash for those using these
networks and it will last you for 30days. The
speed is unthinkable; the download is unimaginable and you just have to fall
for this unavoidable temptation. If you own a company, café or you are just too
addicted to downloading movies or software applications, or you are a unique
insightful blogger, you need this Easter splash.



This offer will expire 25th
of March, 2016.
Drop your mail if you need it.
When it comes to download, no plan
suite you than having an unlimited download every day for 30 days without any
speed throttling. Those already using
it, you can now Netflix on it.

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12 thoughts on “Easter Promo: Get Unlimited Downloading on Smile, Spectranet & Swift Network”

  1. I will rather pay 7k to spectranet and enjoy 20GB
    than this so called unlimited that will not serve me well i:e I will need to configure my browser, i cant share internet to my TV , my phone , ipad etc.
    it doesn't worth it jare. ( my own decision ooo )


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