Best Data Plan Suitable For iPhone,Android,Blackberry, Window Phones & PC in Dec ’14

I know a lot of mobile devices are now present and lots of
people are new to the system, while some are migrating from Symbian to Android,
Blackberry to Android or Android to iPhones… You’ll be wondering what data plan
is suitable for my device. However, if you are using an Android or iPhone and
you exhaust your data within one week, it is a big sin. Why pay heavily for
Megabytes when you can get Gigabytes at a very cheap price?

Fasten your seat belt, pray a safety prayer as I pilot you
on the best data plan to go for your device this December 2014. No matter the
kind of device you are using, there is a data plan suitable for your device;
even if your device is infected, buffeted but not rejected.
MTN: At the moment, MTN just introduced SmartPhone Data Plans which I have already reviewed but I still think it’s on the high side
N2,500 for 4.5GB; and it works on all device. But I won’t advice you to go for
it since there are still better alternative to this.  MTN BIS currently rocks on all Android and PC
so if you are thinking of using it, you can click here for set up.
But getting a data plan from MTN Third Party reseller is by
far the best alternative since MTN Bis might stop working at any time.
Why You Should Get Data From Third Party Reseller?

==>It works on all device including iPhone and java
==>You can Get 1GB for N1,200 and it will last you for 30
==>You don’t need any vpn to make it work, it just work
with normal settings on all device.

Which Reseller is Reliable?
MacJoe has always been my all-time data reseller and I will recommend him to anybody. To contact him, call 08161145975

Airtel: Airtel is still in the business of sucking data with
pipe; I wonder when they are going to get filled. If you are using an Android
Phone, Airtel sucks data like a thirsty lion. But not too long ago, they
introduced an Android Plan which in every way better than the Bis Plan. The
data charges rate using the Android plan is far lesser than using The
Blackberry  plan. So if the only network
good in your area is Airtel, don’t go for Airtel BIS instead go for Airtel
You can get Airtel Android Plan 4GB for 2k and 9GB for 3,500
to last you 60 days and 90days respectively.
How Can I get the plan?

Dial *437*1# for 4GB
Dial *438*1# for 9GB
It works on all devices including iPhone & PC.
And if you are not eligible for this offer, follow this link
to be eligible here
Etisalat NG: Nothing much to say about this but they’ve been
introducing rigorous data plans of late like getting 1GB for N500 men’t to be
use only weekends (to me it’s thievery). Why go for Etisalat 1GB for 2k when
you can get it for just N1,200? 
If you know you are in love with Etisalat, and their network
strength is okay in your location, then I’ll advice you get from a reliable
third party agent. It is cheap and reliable. You can actually get 1Gb for
N1,200 , 250MB for N500 and it will last you for 30 days.
This Plan works well on All device including Nokia touch
light phones (so long it has gprs…lol!)
And if you simply want to download like movie or anything
from 1GB and above, I’ll advice you use the Etisalat Unlimited Download Plan
Glo: This has always and will always be my all-time favorite
as it gives 200% bonus on any recharge, 3GB for N1,000, 9GB for N3,000 to last
me for 3months. If you are using an Android phone and you are not on this
network, then you are missing, loosing and fussy.
If you have succeeded in tweaking your imei, then you can
dial *770*21# N1,000 to subscribe to Comonth or dial *770*23# for N1,500 plan.
And now that glo is gradually bench on blocking this on Android, I wonder what will become of  an Android phone without Glo BIS. Glo…
enriching life since 1900!
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  1. Nice one, thank you my Prof. Still waiting for you to add me to your whatsapp group on 08136841922…Thanks and GOD bless you.

  2. hi mr yomi,,i hail . Pls can u kindly send
    me tecno r7 and nokia XL imei numbers to
    my email. I tried generating it myself but it
    kept telling me invalid imei, although i was
    able to generate dat of infinix zero.. thanx
    in advance- [email protected]

    • You can't install it on your phone,,, its men't for pc. If you have a PC, make sure you have Winrar.exe installed on your pc, Download the app and unzip it with winrar then run it.

    • Please use Framaroot to root your tecno s9 since it won't require you to make use of Pc.

      Download framaroot here

      Run it on your device and click on SuperSU>>>Boromir and your device will be rooted. Rebooth and you are god to go

  3. pls prof yomi how can i reset my counter on my airtel huawei E173u-2 modem back to zero,
    i av use all d method u wrote non of them work…


  4. Pls am avin some issue on d etisalat data plan cos am also a third party seller… pls inbox me ur number lets talk on phone…. 08106304584…. tanks


  5. Pls prof Yomi, how do i redo Etisalat 1.5gig again on the same sim, it keeps telling me that the line has already benefitted from the offer, is there a way forward I'm tired of buying new Etisalat sims

    • No… except Mtn zone or better still, if its someone you often make calls with all day and all night, then you can get a cug line (Close User Group) for the both of you and then, at the end of the month, you Pay #1,000. whc is much better.

  6. Prof baba
    please share me the link of where I can download the imei code generator and any other way of rooting my techno h6, have tried most of what you post and it has not been root. please


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