Beware – Glo Planning to Block BIS on Android Soon!

An info just got to me now from a reliable friend who tried
subscribing to glo bis with on  Android
today but it was unsuccessful; so he had to call Customer Care and all manner
of questions eschewed until he finally gave them his curve 7 imei before and
the BIS was activated.

The bottom line is this, be wise in your glo bis subscription. If you’ve succeeded in tweaking your imei, before it will be activated,
kindly insert it into any blackberry phone if not it won’t be activated.
Has anyone else experience something similar or you have
more MB on your glo data but you can’t use it to browse on your phone, kindly
share your experience even as we plan to dis-virgin Etisalat BIS.
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47 thoughts on “Beware – Glo Planning to Block BIS on Android Soon!”

  1. its true. I called customer care many times- dey asked for my bb imei and pin. I gave d imei but wen I was still scratching on wat2 b d pin. The guy jxt cut d call.Next CC asked if am
    using android. well,I got it after 4 days.

  2. pls don't use android phone to subscribe anymore the won't activate it until u put it inside BBC phone but if u have money in your android phone they will do automatic renewal for u without any stres

  3. THE BEST WAY, of subscribing for glo bis on Android remains:

    ==>Insert your Glo sim in a Blackberry phone
    ==>Load recharge card of N1000 on it
    ==>Then send the code. Comonth to 777
    ==>Dont remove it, Wait for 30min and reboot the blackberry phone.
    ==>Now browse with the Glo bis on your blackberry for some time before removing the sim.

    ==>Insert sim on your Android phone without changing imei and configure as follows

    ••APN: Gloflat
    ••Username: flat
    ••Password: flat

    ONLY IF THE ABOVE configuration doesn't work for you, should you go ahead and change your android phone Imei to BlackBerry imei. And After doing so change APN.



    Uche Francis

  4. I think they are actually trying to block it. Thesame customer ish was asking me stupid questions and I didn't knw wen I shouted on him this morning.

    It was activated d moment I inserted it inside my BB10. So be wise in ur next subscribtion

  5. let's give ourself some brain for once.its usually network glitch.
    stop calling customer care.once u try unsuccessfully to activate just be patient or put in a BBC to c if it will.this is not even the second time this is occurring.

    • Its not a network ish…. They r pending the subscription now. I got your glo number not registered with RIM. Until I call out my curve 7 imei to the guy he den ask me to check after 2mins which was done. Be wise.

  6. All Dis goats calling customer care to complain about cheat… If dey block dis 2 ehn Thunder will fire doz ppl I swear… If ur own no work use airtel or buy cheap data dnt kill other ppls joy for ur selfish interest

  7. Hello my Prof, please this Etisalat free data of tweaking imei, I've got alot gigs on it but all are wasting because Etisalat don't have 3G on my area.
    Please is any imei I can use to get free data from MTN?…please give me just the first 11 digits please I can analyze myself…thanks and GOD bless you.

  8. Prof it's seems you're busy because you didn't answer to any question up there, well we're one happy family sha So please anybody should please help me out with these

    please my the linkwithin I applied to my blog is not showing any any related post, the only thing I use to see is YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE but there would be no post and all my posts are labelled

    the random post you ask me to install in my blog is not displaying any post

    Prof please this is what I need now, please if you can copy your own script both the linkwithin and the random post
    I just want to use it to edit mine please send it to my email @

    [email protected]

  9. Prof Pls I sub on Sunday nd since then have not been able to connect all my android app, all written no network connection and other apps are like bbm are working fine. Am using bb10 Pls help

  10. Prof Pls I sub on Sunday nd since then have not been able to connect all my android app, all written no network connection and other apps are like bbm are working fine. Am using bb10 Pls help

  11. Ok thanks, mtn too stingy…GOD bless Etisalat.
    My Prof u haven't add me to your whatsapp group o! please add me on 08136841922…thanks and GOD bless you my Prof.

  12. Prof please tell us na, guys are seriously making money with this new Etisalat cheat
    almost all the ETISALAT Sims in AKURE have been configured with 1.5GB
    please Prof how're they doing it

    it only takes them two minutes to configure it and they're using tablet phones
    just one person is using M3
    please Prof any idea of how they're doing this?

    Prof please don't forget to add me to YOMP group on whatsapp


  13. Still don't know why some people are behaving like primary school kid$. Must you call global customer care?

    SMH… Ain't using the glo bis thou but you can't just hurt others with your own selfish desire .. Abeg don't get caught sleeping..

    @YomiP so wen will you disvirgin etisalat bis plan ?… Can't wait ooooo

  14. just passing by…To all New comers to andriod Glo Bis,This what i Have to say,Glo subcription With the Word Comonth to 777 hardly works Or it Takes Time to the best thing to do is to use the Ussd code which is *777*21#…datz all and it will Work immediately……Also N.B You have to configure your phone using as Apn then set the phone to 3G only,for New sims it might take 10-15minutes to get it running but for old sims that have been subcribed before,it works Perfectly fine……….If you Have any issues with your Mtk phones lyk Tecno or gionne,Juxt whatsapp me@08102808000 And am reply and help u Asap

  15. Pls prof Yomi, how do i redo Etisalat 1.5gig again on the same sim, it keeps telling me that the line has already benefitted from the offer, is there a way forward I'm tired of buying new Etisalat sims

  16. Prof,Please add me on whatapp henry king 08155909210. I am om glo bis plan,my blackberry 9720 shares internet with my laptop on wifi,but no internet access on my p.c. Please assist me.

  17. pls prof can u pls generate a tecno imei for me and also a Nokia xl imei,it hasn't worked for me pls even if its a used one I just want to compare pls,07068822058


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