How You Can Start Making Cool Money By Selling Etisalat Data Plan

Happy Sallah to all my unique, exceptional and creative
Muslim brothers & sisters, God will continue to bless us all. Permit me
this morning to shock your mind, your system and your information bank; not
with electricity but with a mind blowing creative idea. I’ve talked so much
about boosting your finance and I’m still going to talk about it this morning.

I once talked about how to become an MTN SME seller and make
cool money from it and I’m pretty sure a lot of individual are already in the
business. Today, I’m going to teach you how you can become and etisalat Data
Share seller
and make cool money from it.
Before I begin, get a plate of fried meat, bottled drink and
roll with me because you are about to embark on a journey of 500miles away, I
bet you won’t crash-land.
Etisalat Network has proven to be one of the best and
fastest in terms of surfing speed in some major localities. And whether you like
it or not, people must use etisalat to surf the net.  Being a third party reseller of etisalat is a
very good business and you can make cool money from it most especially this ‘ember
How Can I Start Selling Etisalat Data?
==>Dial *200# and press 3 to select the data menu option
==>go to family Plans option
==>On the next screen, select the ‘Opt in to family plans’
==>Confirm your selection
==>Start a new session by dialing *200#
==>go to data menu option and select ‘ buy data plan’ to
purchase your preferred data plan
==>Return to the data menu and select the ‘family plan’
==>go to the ‘share data’ menu and add recipients and data
Dial *917#
==>Purchase your preffered data plan
==>Start sharing by dialing *229*9*pin*data volume*phone
You can buy any amount of Gigabyte data you preferred… it’s
so easy but remember, trust and honesty is very important in business like
this. If you know you can’t be trusted or you don’t even trust yourself, don’t
embark on this business. If you are consistent with this for good 60 days, you
should be making an undisclosed reasonable amount of money.
I know you have questions for me… so ask.
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47 thoughts on “How You Can Start Making Cool Money By Selling Etisalat Data Plan”

  1. Prof u are trying, How many MB can one share per day, ? Hope their network will not fail us ? Is it like MTN SME where your date will b d date of ur sponsor date ?

  2. helo prof. Pls am trying to change my andriod imei to bb using mobile uncle but i always get this command reply that AT has failed to send. I always insert this command AT+EGMR=1,10,''imei number'' and send but its nt working. Pls give me the right command to use especially in the aspect of inserting the symbols. Tnk u

  3. prof yomi, pls can you prove a reliable detailed means to root my tecno f7. and a detailed methodnto tweak my imei, thanks prof

    • Is your Tecno F7 Further mathematics that I need to prove variable x=f7? Lol! Framaroot will root ur device in less than 5min. Every method I posted here on this site are detailed enough to change ur f7 imei. Visit the mobile uncle thread to change ur imei after rooting.

    • To make it easier for you, go to google, and type " download free antivirus for pc" and list of options will come out, choose the first listed on search engine.

      Do thesame to any other software you want to download.

  4. Pls Prof.I av succeeded in rooting my mtn S720i but I don't know ow to confirm dt.Secondly,I tried generating an IMEI for the fone using mtkdroid tools but when I start d software frm its folder,it does not detect my device.I don't knw why or is it that I must be connected to d internet before it detects my fone? Pls help me…I wouldn't mind a detailed explanation on how to go abt it and after generating it,d steps remaining to get glo BIS to work perfectly on it.Thanks for ur kindness.

    • to check if your phone is dully rooted, go to playstore and download rootchecker, run and install it on your device, and it will reveal your root status

      You need to download ADBdriver on your pc inorder for the mtkdroid to detect your phone.

    • Whenever you notice its unusual slowness, just disconnect it and connect again. It happens like that atimes. You don't need any vpn for this. It's unusally fast in the night…

  5. Prof please I tried rooting my infinix zero with root genius but i was getting drivers not installed then I tried downloading the root genius for mobile phone from the link u posted but its all written in Chinese and I am not getting the operation. Please help me out

  6. Prof,pls I installed d abd from d link u provided to download samsung tools.I then launched d mtkdroid tools,it detected my device,I clicked root,backup,recovery and then root @ d bottom of d screen,tis is what it said…..ATTENTION! Requests for confirmation on the device screen is possible -Install busybox—ERROR:file adbd not install! I checked my phone,no prompt,I opened kinguser,adb was on it and set to allow pda+ was working fine….I don't knw d problem,pls help me.

  7. Prof. Yomi, Thanks for all this info, but for the Etisalat, what if i did not sell all the 10gb in a day. Or can you help with someone that i will resell under?

  8. Prof. Yomi, This is really helpful info. Do you have to be in any particular etisalat plan to be able to resell the data?? or any plan will owrk just fine, looking forward to your response.

  9. Hello prof,
    on the etisalat data menu, they said up to 50mb per transaction and up to 5 times per day. Prof, how is it possible to share 1gb? Thanks

  10. Hello prof. Happy new year and God bless you for the knowledge shared. Pls I have some question as regard Etisalat data share. Is it possible to share 1gb. I read that you can only transfer 5 per day. Pls is dere a way out of dis or is it dt am not on the right platform

  11. Hello prof, Please i
    want to opt in into Etisalat family data plan which is Etisalat data share but when i tried to, it says "Dear customer you are ineligible to opt in into this plan"

    What might be the cause, any help please.

  12. Hello prof, pls come to my aid. I am running into dept selling etisalat data plan. Anytime i purchase new data plan it keeps topping the data of d people i v sold data to in d past. Nd my data just keep geting finishd wit bin sold. Pls help a sister in need. Kindly give me ur no or call me on 08066985604. Thanks

  13. Hi Prof, I want to understand clearly pls. Is 10gb the minimum data one can buy at once, if not what is d minimum.


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