Best Internet Data Plan For October – Works on All Device

I can perceive the spirit of the ’ember months so strong and I
know within me that there are better days ahead… Regardless of what you are
passing through, don’t give up on your dream; quitters never win, and winners
never quit. You may not be where you want to be now but you are not where you
use to be. Don’t give up, keep pressing on!
I’ll quickly review the best internet plan for all devices
in October 2014 because it’s important and necessary you choose the best plan
that suite your device.

Airtel NG: Despite the fact that Airtel Nigeria introduced
Android Internet Subscription (AIS) some couples of Months ago, I can’t really
say how many Android users genuinely make use of this plan; though I heard it
doesn’t zap data but I’ve not personally tested the plan. 
This plan is suitable for Airtel die hard  Android fans, just like some people will kill
themselves if there favorites club loses. AIS gives you 2Gb for N2,000; and to
subscribe, dial *141*200#

The normal Airtel Blackberry Plan still rocks on all device
but it’s no longer 4GB but 2GB for N1,500. It doesn’t zapp data on Personal
Computers and Nokia XL devices only. It zaps on iPhone/iPad devices.
Glo NG: This network is fast, cheap and reliable… If Glo
network is not fast in your locality, it’s either you are living in cloud 9 or
15 because all the places have been to, Glo network seems stronger. It’s no longer
news that Glo Bis rocks on all eligible Android device and I’m getting to love
it the more because my 11.2GB is going to expire Dec 2, 2014.
Glo Blackberry Plan works effectively on all Android that
succeeded in tweaking their IMEI to Blackberry IMEI. It gives you 3GB for
N1,000. However, It doesn’t work on iPhone/iPad devices directly except when
tethered from Blackberry 10 or Android device.
One thing I love about this Glo Network is that it also
gives me 200% bonus each time I recharge to call any network at will. Meaning,
if I rechargeN1,000, I get N2,000 extra making it 3k. If you are not using glo,
then you’ve not yet started your internet surfing journey. To subscribe for Glo
Bis, send Comonth to 777 and it will be activated for you.
MTN: I don’t need to write more about this because you are
being constantly updated about it. To be sincere, the Best MTN Data Plan so far
is getting it from third party resellers. Though, MTN Night plan still rocks
during the day with the aid of OpenVPN but I’ll advice you buy from 3rd
party agents.
Why Should I Buy MTN Data From Third Party Agent?

==>Because it works on all device including iPhone/iPads
and Blackberry10
==>It’s cheap and doesn’t zap data like the conventional
Mtn data
==>It is very fast in a 3.5g network area.
How Can I get it?

Well, I can only recommend one person at the moment because
he has been tested and trusted in person of MarJoe… click here to see how he
Etisalat NG: This network is also unique and fast in some
locations and I know that I’ve etisalat fans indoor here. Though etisalat newly
introduce a plan that gives you 1GB for 2k but I still feel it a kind of
expensive. However, there are reliable third party agent that sells etisalat
data at a more cheaper price than what is obtainable. Like getting 1GB for
This plans works on all devices including window phones,
iPhones and BB10. Well, you can contact Trianzer for more info on Etisalat Data
But wait a minutes, Etisalat PayG rocks unlimited, if you
are not careful, it will turn your sim into Eti Magic Sim.
How Can I Activate Eti Unlimited?

==>Get an Etisalat simcard
preferably  easycliq or migrate to easycliq
by dialing  *244*1#
==>Dail  *229*5*7#  and wait till you receive a message like this
you are on the etisalat Paygo Pulse browsing
will attract #15 per 5min”
==>Once you receive the message, go head
and load #100 airtime and you will be given 5mb
==>Open your browser and start
downloading your favorites. Exactly 55min, your connection will stop just
disconnect and connect again to enjoy it back.
==>Your #100 will not be touched you
can also use *228# to check your data balance all you should see there is
But remember don’t visit any streaming
site ooo… hmm!
The ball is now in your court… and you can choose to play it how you like. You’ve got any question for me? Then ask.
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67 thoughts on “Best Internet Data Plan For October – Works on All Device”

  1. Bros Yomi help ur bros o. I v bn able to root my S4 clone version with root genius bt v nt bn able to tweak my imei to use glo bis on it. abeg help and send me one bn imei so that I ft folo odas enjoy Weston dem be dey enjoy since in this spirit of independence. my no na 07037483567. add me for whatsapp. God bless u.

    • I am hearing this for the very first time… mine doesn't zap. cross check ur device to see what app consume data the most. Glo is not over rated but it's because at the moment, it act as d best.

    • Guy …u no sure at all …it is d most conservative ……. As Yomi said its d best…. Check ur automatic updates… And p*rn streaming loving goons around u …….lol

    • Prof please has the Etisalat PAYG unlimited plan expired? Because I carefully followed your instructions and loaded N100 card to test-run it. The network was fast but later stopped. When I checked, my N100 has been zapped and I have 0.98mb left. I was using it on my wifi device.

  2. I want to root my techno f7 (phantom A+). So, i tried to download framaroot from play store but d one I saw there wasn't for free.
    Kindly assist me on that.
    Secondly , how do I change my IMEI number to rock the GLO BIS?

  3. I want to root my techno f7 (phantom A+). So, i tried to download framaroot from play store but d one I saw there wasn't for free.
    Kindly assist me on that.
    Secondly , how do I change my IMEI number to rock the GLO BIS?

  4. Hello, Are u in LAGOS, Are u yet to program ur ANDROID device to work flawlessly with glo's 1K 3GIG bis plan?

    We would finally be in LAGOS (UNILAG) on Friday, 10th of October @ Quest Cafe, Students Union Building (S.U.B) Complex, UNILAG. Akoka, Lagos.

    Only devices that are listed are programmable at d moment.
    for details & list of Supported devices.

    And kindly help inform others that might be interested, thanks.
    Olakunle Excel

  5. Proff…. pls come to my aid oooo. my p5 just kips rebooting. i av flashed with mtk bacup using sp flash tool but the best i get out of it is getting stuck at boot logo. Donno where i got it wrong.

    PS: I av bin complaining on this for long but it takes hours before i get to see ur reply and then try ur suggested solution. I will b very glad if u culd giv me d priviledge of a one-on-one chat (phonecall or otherwise)

  6. Yomi , wahala dey small for my side, my galaxy s3 is saying "factory mode is on", now my phone doesn't have an imei
    Pls what do I do?, u can send ans to king I gonna a , thanks

    • Here is the exact solution for this problem which i have recently had!

      You have to root your phone and install Terminal Emulator from Google Play.

      Open terminal emulator and type as ;

      rm /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
      rm /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
      echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
      echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
      chown 1000.1000 /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
      chown 1000.1000 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
      chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
      chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode

      You now should not see the that message anymore. Its because of an EFS corruption.

  7. Pls prof,i followed ur directives on rooting mtn s720i by downloading the chinese and english versions of the rooting application.I connected to the internet but i couldnt root it bcos the writings r in chinese.I enabled usb debugging and clicked all the clickables on the chinese version but nothing happened except that it took me to another chinese website where i saw something like ppl dropping their comments but on inserting my glo sim to slot one of the phone ,it was same no sim inserted meaning not yet rooted(because the english version was not installing,it did not even prompt anything).Pls prof,help me ,i need to root this device bcos i bought it with the purpose of using glo BIS on it.Thanks.

  8. prof yomi, pls can you prove a reliable detailed means to root my tecno f7. and a detailed methodnto tweak my imei, thanks prof

    • … and i've always replyed all ur question just that you dnt visit back the thread whr u created the question. the question is, is ur device an mTk device? If yes, it can be change.

    • No… nooooooo you shouldn't have formated your pc for no reason. that charger is simply not compatible with your laptop.
      Go to a Newby computer shop and get a compatible charger with your pc.

    • Bros my charger came with d system nd ve tried up to 3 charger even buy new battery.but if I put it on safe mode it will not off.plsss it's really affecting me.d system is toshiba satellite

  9. Yomi thanks so much. That Etisalat 15 naira for 5min is seriously browsing unlimited. I've been using it for thepast 5hrs. This sim to be the latest magic sim so far.

  10. Prof yomi, this my first time of commenting on this site and I must say u are doing a great job here. Pls am having problem with the global his on my phantom a+, it is very slow here and the maximum speed I can get is not up to 200KB/s pls I don't no what to do maybe its the imei. Pls can you send me another imei my email is [email protected]

    • It is not me you need to understand but etisalat… You can give it any name you want wether magic sim but all I know is that, with that plan, you can browse unlimited. Rocks like mad


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