What I Discovered About MTN Data Plan

It’s weekend again and I’ll love to share with you what I
discovered with  MTN data plan. I don’t
know how they charge but something seems to be fishy somehow and somewhere.

==>I don’t know if this is just only me or MTN is trying
to be fishy with their data; ideally, when you subscribe for any of their data
bundle be it MTN night plan, or #1,300 plan which gives you 750MB, the data
finishes on time. Though I don’t know how they deduct data but their normal
data seems to be deducting faster than expected.
This in turn, will prompt you to be switching off and on
your data which to me is abnormal. 
==>But this I also noticed with Third party data
resellers; data don’t finish ontime, in short, the data moves slowly and slowly,
crawling like snail without switching off your Android Data at all. This sound
so amazing.
If you are thinking what data to go for with regards to mtn,
then I’ll recommend you go for Third party data plan.
Meanwhile, if you are
using an mTk device, and you’ve not yet change your IMEI, don’t forget to change 
your IMEI in order to rock Glo Blackberry planSamsung users and Nokia Lumia should check this Chimera tool out here for changing or repairing your imei. Any question concerning that tool, use the comment box and I’ll answer you.
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55 thoughts on “What I Discovered About MTN Data Plan”

    • Changing your Android imei gives you an edge to use Blackberry plan on our android device since Android phone naturally consume data and for now, their is no any particular Android plans available aside of Airtel.

      It automatically gives your Android phone the identity of a blackberry phone meaning that, you can subscribe for blackberry plan and it will work on your device e.g Glo 1k gives you 3gb data plan… instead of going for the conventional data plan that takes alot from you.

  1. Twalee 4 u d prof….buh prof oo nah only adroid nd bb stuf u normaly discus, arbi u 4get say sm of us dey use symbian…prof nawow 4 uoo tell me hw i go tak root my E5 nd change d imel 2 android bb…..prof Hw cn one start dis data bizz i wan more inquiries on data plz….nd guyz mak unah put mout 4 dis matter, wat profitable biz cn one start wit a capital of 100k 4 dis our ni9a?..

    • Lol.. to turn your E5 to Android phone, just go to any Tecno outlet and exhange it with an android phone.

      I have already written a detail post on how you can start Data selling business. Check it here

    • You need to first of all know if it's an mtk (Mediatek) device. If its not a mediatek, it means it may not be easy to change. Go to playstore and download cpu-Z, run and install it, if it is mediatek, you should see something like mtk

  2. Prof,pls how do I change d imei of my Lumia 720 to blackberry and after that,can I subscribe directly on it after changing it without removing its sim to a blackberry phone.Secondly,abt the chromebook,how do I install windows app on it.Pls do answer me abeg.Thanks.

    • Chimera tool will allow u change ur Lumia imei to blackberry imei and u will be able to subscribe directly. Follow the link above on chimera tool.

      Yes u can install windows on ur chrome by using vmware machine. Virtual machine machine allow u to dat

  3. Pls n pls don't forget pls n pls don't ignore it . Want to knw if I will be approved by adsense .. Pinword.blogspot.com pls review it for me .. thanks you can also send to my mail [email protected] for any info I nid to knw about .. Thanks or u give me ur mail so I can mail u directly

    • I'll send imei to u as soon as I power my system up. To change ur imei, go to playstore and download engineeringmode.apk and follow d prompt to change ur imei.

  4. just sub for 1 month glo. this what I get Welcome!BB subscription is pending activation.Please remove & insert battery after 1 hour.Helpdesk 333 would be available in 24 hours.Thank you. Glo Unlimited. pls help

  5. Pls prof i just downloaded d chimera tool n i tried openin it n wat i saw was …no application to open dis file chimera.exe.
    I use samsung s3

    • The chimera tool is a pc application and not directly on phone.. do u have a pc? if you do, transfer what you downloaded on pc and register, your test account will be activated

    • You can only change your imei via octupus or chimeratool. the link for chimeratool is on the post above. follow the link, download it to your pc and register a test account, set ur device to debugging mode while your connect it to your pc and follow the prompt.

  6. I bought a Leagoo Lead 1 some
    weeks ago and since then, have been
    unable to browse with the device
    except through WiFi. Have bought all
    kinds of Mtn data (10MB daily plan,
    1 GB SME plan, Night plan) all to no avail.

    called Mtn CC and they sent me
    settings to manually set he phone's
    APN. Didin't work. I reset the
    phone's APN using by exactly
    copying from another phone. Still
    didn't work.

    Please what do I do to make this
    Leagoo Lead 1 browse? I'm
    extremely frustrated with the device
    now. Thanks.

  7. Please prof how can I change IMEI for nokia X series andriod phones. Please I have posted this before but u didn't reply please happy sunday


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