MTN Cheapest Data Plans Ever – Tested & Trusted

Airtel has finally stopped 4gb Bis plans. I don’t know why they
are fluctuating like zmap and I really hope they’ll rethink and bring back this
plan before we sanitize their database; cos it has really helped a lot of
people here.
I just can’t imagine what iPhone/iPad users will feel right
now because it’s no longer funny as data climbing up like angry PHCN dude.
Android users have no reason to complain about data since Glo Bis is still

at you.

The other day, I made a post on the Cheapest Data Ever
talking about Mobilblaze but I think there is another better offer here that
serves better than Mobile blaze. I’m personally recommending this one to all
who want to buy data on your MTN line.
Here are the plans below:
250mb = #350 (400 MTN card or VTU)

500mb = #600 (700 MTN card or VTU)

1gb = #1100 (1200 MTN card or VTU)

2gb = #2000 (2100 MTN card or VTU )

This plans Works on all Android phones and tabs, iPhones and iPad, BlackBerry OS10,
Nokia xl series, Symbian, Java phones, Laptops and PC. You can contact
the seller via this number 08161145975 or add him up on bbm 7F069D30

What About The Valdity?

The validity is 30 days. I personally recommend this to anyone
who wants to buy data. It will take less than 7min before your account will be
credited with data.
Remember, my job is to make internet surfing cheaper for all. Are you confuse? Ask me your questions…
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79 thoughts on “MTN Cheapest Data Plans Ever – Tested & Trusted”

  1. good morning sir…i need ur help plss…after sharing my phone's internet connection with my PC through mobile hotspot,i find it difficult to use d connection,all i see on my PC is "no internet access" and i did switch on my data pls…thnks in anticipation

    • Make sure you turn ON your wireless on pc so that it can find your hotspot.

      Go to your pc task bar by the right handside and open your networ, you should see your hotspot name, click on connect and you'll be prompted to enter your ur mobile hotspot password, do that and your pc will be connected.

  2. Oga Prof. Morning sa please I I don't know Wats d problem with my techno p5. I rooted it with framaroot, changed my imei to d one u sent with mobile uncle thrpugh mtk mode, but d GLO is only connecting on sim 2 but will not browse on bb APN. If I switch to sim 1 with bb APN it won't even connect at all. I put d same sim in bb phone it worked meaning d bis service is activated. Pls wat do I do.

  3. Good morning Sir please i'd like you to help me, i instaled bluestacks app on my pc and have used it to download whatsapp and that temple run oz, but i transfered flash share to my pc and d icon colour is green instead of blue, when i open it doesn't connect to other devices, neither is it able to create a connection, pls sir what do i do?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Tanks yomiprof, i just contacted this guy that sells this cheap mtn data and i sent him #400 mtn card and he sent 250mb to my line within 2mins, cant believe i can get 250mb dis cheap, hoping to get 1gb from him soon, the guy is real and straightforward..tanks yomi once again, yout blog is the best.


    I just decided to put a smile on my fellow guys out there with this cheap mtn data listed below with their prices
    call 08132979074

    1.300MB #200
    2.500MB #400
    3.1GIG #700
    4.2GIG #1200
    5.3GIG #2000
    6.4GIG #3000

    Call 08132979074

  6. PROF how can I configure my Lumia. Windows Phone(Lumia 230) to be connecting to internet. I bought it but not browsing.
    Here is my Whatsapp number 08160928447. I want to discuss something with you pls

    • I'll add u up on whatsapp. You have to manually configure it by going to your settings, network and change ur apn. Which network are u currently using on it so dat I'll knw d apn to give u.

  7. Prof plz my E303 MTN modem does not work on my core i3 PC, but it works on other peoples PC, it just shows blue light and it works on all other computers except mine, ve tryed reinstalling the software several times still sam eproblem. But other modems works just E303 and ve unlocked it.

  8. Hello Bro Yomi Prof, I hope you are great by the grace of God. I also thank you for the work you are doing.
    I'm 19 yrs of age. A student from Ghana. I'm called Emmanuel.
    Please, I'm pleading if you could help me browse the internet for free using any of the SIMs operating in Ghana. It's too much on me; I cant afford.

    Thanks and may God richly help you from Technology to another every blessed day.

    [email protected]
    Thank you!

  9. Hello sir yomi

    Google email today


    Welcome to AdSense

    Your application has been successfully reviewed. Now you need to create your first ad unit and place the ad code on codedboiz_com to fully activate your account.

    Note that before your account is fully activated, only blank ads will appear on your pages. Once your account is fully activated, you'll receive a confirmation email and begin to
    see live ads. Please don't click on your live ads, even to test them — doing so isn't permitted by the. AdSense
    program policies.

    Sign in to Google AdSense to create your first ad unit and
    get fully approved.

    For further information, please visit the AdSense


    Sign in to AdSense
    The Google AdSense Team
    This message was sent from a notification-only email
    address that does not accept incoming email. Please do
    not reply to this message. If you have any questions,
    please visit the Google AdSense Help Center to find
    answers to frequently asked questions.

    They said I should place ad code on my site but I did not know the code please help me out 🙂

    • Congratulations Prince Ola,
      You need to generate adsense code and paste on ur site. Login to your adsense account using your email I'd and password, navigate to new ads code and enter the name of your adcode, select your ads size beginning from 300×250 or 780×90 ads, once you've done all that, clickon generate then the code will appear, copy it on a notepad while u login to your ownsite dashboard
      Paste the code inside a widget on ur site and save.

    • The validity is from 27-29 days according to the guy dat he buys data every 4-5 days but you can also rollover ur unused data. But it is appropriate you call the guy and still confirm wen it will expire before you pay for any data.

  10. Baba yomi pls giv me d guy number way i fit buy d mtn data from.I need to know more about dis data resellers..alot of fake data resellers are all over d net.

  11. Thanks much Prof, i'm still rocking the SlowDNS… It's fast with my opera and my H+ network…
    Pls add on Whatsapp, I still haven't gotten your msg on Whatsapp.

  12. Thanks much Prof, i'm still rocking the SlowDNS… It's fast with my opera and my H+ network…
    Pls add on Whatsapp, I still haven't gotten your msg on Whatsapp.

  13. Mr. Yomi, can u pls help me out, I generated two imei on my system for 2 different Gionee Android. This are d two IMEI number (358265013739526 ). Ever since av changed it the 2 phone av refused to browse, it not even conneting and I changed the APN to….The 3g (H) also comes and go. Pls what can I do?

  14. GOODDAY ALL…..

    Yeah, my name is godfrey, am the person selling the data plans, yomiprof has said it all…..i give 27-30days but with time i would b maintaing 29-30days soon by d grace of God, THANKS TO ALL THAT VE BOUGHT THIS CHEAP DATA PLAN FROM ME..I GUESS WE R ALL ENJOYING OUR DATA NOW…

    as at today i give 30days validity..
    so be fast to buy this and get full 30days….tell ur friends, family neighbours not to waste money subscribing with large sum of money..u can now get 1gb for as low as 1k….

    call or whatsapp – 08161145975
    bbm – 79D8301F.

  15. Yomi I want to buy a new laptop online, my budget is from 70k-80 something, I do game but not heavy and the brand I want is HP I need it before or on Friday, pls add me up whatsapp 08144904371
    ASAP. Thanks

    • Hello friend,
      You will surely get your desired brand. I was able to scan thru and I think I've got something for you click the link below and search for hp laptop, you'll see the one of 4G 500GB hard disk(AMD processor) and it goes for N63,600 and you'll equally see the one of 2GB 500HDD (Dual core)and it goes for N60,00
      But I'll recommend this 4GB, 500HDD (cor i3) it goes for #86,000
      Follow the link here

      They are all HP product. I've added you on whatsapp

  16. Hi Prof,
    I got 1gb data from one of the promo u posted last week but I can't use. After connecting my modem, it shows "no internet access". I tried it on pc and android no show. I later called MTN CC, and I was told I don't have data. I told to send "2D to 131". The ans I got shocked me. " You don't have SME data plan". But dial *461*7# it will show 1GB data.
    The Ccare told me I don't belong to that plan so I can't use the data. That's how I have 1GB data wasting away. Any solution to it?

    • This one sounds so strange to me, did you buy the data? Ok, if it's MTN data share, you dnt need to register before you use it but dail 461# and click on REG to register for the SME Data service.

      Manually create a new apn either on ur android or modem interface with apn:
      Password and username: web
      Save it as ur default and connect.

    • Pls make sure u set only apn to "" on ur android/pc and clear other tins, just set apn only….if d problem still persist call mtn customer care and complain to them that u cant browse..the problem might b from d sim

    • You need to manually create a new apn and set it as ur default
      Password and username: web
      Save it and all ur apps will come back to live

  17. This guy is really genuine, i sent #1200 card to him and added my no below it without calling him and i got my 1gb within 2mins, his delivery is so fast, he also called me immediately to tell me how to check my balance, @all who is trying to patronise him and ve never done so, he is a honest dude, i just hope he can keep it up. @yomiprof tanks for this info, atleast i can use 1gb upto month end on mtn cos my glo bis is slow now, i am enjoying the speed of the mtn.
    Pls try to keep it up mr. Joseph godfrey.

  18. please, the method for changing IMEI for HTC devices using sdk is not working, is there any other way to change it so as so enjoy this stuff before its blocked?


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