Airtel Planning to Stop Airtel 2in1 Blackberry Plan That Gives You 4GB For 1,500

Those who are still rocking Airtel Bis on iPad, Android,
Windows , Blackberry phones and PC, from the look of things, it seems Airtel is
about to stop the 2in1 package that gives 4GB for 1,500. According to the text
they sent that “2days left for the 2in1 package to expire, it can still be
yours.. bla bla bla”

Just to bring to your notice that if they peradventure stop
this package again, I’m very sure that guys will still port from Airtel to a
better network. So if you are still rocking this plan, in order to be in a safer
side, just send deactivate to 440 and your current package will be deactivated
without tampering with  your left over
data; then you can then re-subscribe again before 1st of September
2014, and it will be added to your leftover data.
Mind you, Mtn still rocks with trusted third party agent and
Glo bis still rocks on Android mobile device. My Job is to make internet
surfing cheaper at all cost.
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24 thoughts on “Airtel Planning to Stop Airtel 2in1 Blackberry Plan That Gives You 4GB For 1,500”

  1. Nice one prof, are you sure if i send deactivate to 440 and resubscribe again that my left over data will be added to the new one???

  2. @yomiprof i nid help i bought techno p5, it hardly charge and i hav use diferent kind of charger 2 test it stil dsame, it wil show charging buh nt increasing the charge and i tried the charger of my friends using p5 and d5 all the same. Plz wat my b the course

  3. Prof please help me I have written this in a post before but you didn't answer me at all please Prof I just keep visiting the post day and night hoping you will help me but not please Prof help me please am pleading with the name of your Creator please I need answers please help

    1: I don't know what to do concerning Google approving my blog for AdSense is it automatic or I will send a message to them

    2: I don't know how to upload a picture on my blog I can only write and published but I don't know how to post an image

    3: I don't know how to link word or phrase to an URL please help me Prof

    4: please I can't link my Facebook comment box with my blog with uc browser but Maybe I will try it with pc but if I should link it will I gain from it?

    5: the last is the issue of that linkwithin I successfully apply it to my blog but no suggested post is showing, I don't know how to add the posts to it


    • Good morning bro, unfortunately, I won't reply you here, I have already reply all your questions in the previous thread you posted with relevant links on how to upload pics, linking words, and how to go about linkwithin.

      The only question I will answer here is FB comment which I'll suggest you use PC and not uc browser.

  4. yomi, i still have the free 150mb from mtn. it will expire on the 5th of this month. how can I use it on my android phone? I tried ur previous method but it ain't working anymore. plz help…..!!!!

  5. Hi there prof, can you please tell me how I can root my tecno phantom z, I've tried virtually every root app with no success. Vroot, towel root, kingo, framaroot, one click root and what have you. Waiting please.


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