Update: Nanu Application Now Available For Download

Well if you are so tired of using your money to make calls,
then you might want to consider this app again and again because it works in
all countries except infected and demented locations. I had written about this
crazy unique, fabulous application called Nanu

OMG don’t let me use the word
tantalizing because it’s not shawama; and almost everyone has been waiting
earnestly for the latest release.

However, I’m glad to inform you that the app has fully been
launched and it’s readily available in Android market for download or you can
get it here
You can read more about the app  fully here.
But remember, with this Nanu application installed on your
Android phone, you can make free calls anytime or any day. Let the free calls
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29 thoughts on “Update: Nanu Application Now Available For Download”

  1. Please am having problem changing
    my HTC desire imei up to date the first
    command which is fastboot getvar
    imei showed my imei no but the
    second code which is fastboot oem
    writeimei shows command error
    plse help me on what to do?

  2. yomi watsup# am here in the philippines# jst downloaded the app bt seem naht to undastnd it# d calls ain't goin jare cos I hve tried it wit and without d country code (234 nd +234) styl no luck! lemme knw wats up tanx

  3. Prof, d "get it here" is not hyperlinked and dr4 not clickable.Pls,help find a solution to dt.Patiently awaiting d update on changing d IMEI and making BB plans work on d new mtn android make e no be pangolo for my hands Ooo.Abegi ni.Thanks.


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