Nanu – Free Call Unlimited to All Network

This application was lauched exactly one week ago, it allow
you to make free calls anytime, everyday. It’s called Nanu. nanu is a clever
little app that allows you to make free calls on your mobile phone. It doesn’t
need a fast network, so unlike skype or viber, it works on 2g and congested
networks. In other words, it works anywhere your phone does. Plus nanu sounds
crisper and clearer

One thing I’m getting to love about this app is for the fact
that you can use it to make free calls to even those who doesn’t have the app
installed on their phones. It gives you free minutes every day to call non nanu
users and its extremely lite.
Can It Work On My Device
At the moment, it works only on Android phones, as time goes
on, other device will have their own.
Where Can I Get This App
At the moment, this application is in development stage. It
was released last week for test in the market, and over a million has already
downloaded the app. The app was later removed from play store according to the
developer in order to allow them to upgrade to the next version. So in some couple
of days, the new version will be release. But if you want to test the old
version, you can click on the download link below
Download Nanu here
When thing you should know about this app is that even when
your network is poor, you’ll still be able to make free calls. With atleast
10mb, you can make upto 35min free calls to any line. So will you rock this
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29 thoughts on “Nanu – Free Call Unlimited to All Network”

  1. Yomi, good morning. Hope you are still researching on bringing IMEI editor to the table for higher samsung ndroid versions. Hoping to hear about it soon.

    Airtel stays draining my data like a cup of chinese tea.

    Also add me to your whatsapp group 08181023093

  2. Thanks for good job Yomi pls after I installed the application. I was unable to sign in. It keep saying invalid response from server. Pls what is the way out thanks

  3. @all, I just read on their FB page now that reg of this app has been discontinued. But will be back up in few days as soon as the latest version is released. If you've succeeded in registering it, u can keep on flexing; but if you are yet to, kindly be patient. It will be back up.

  4. Gudmorning boss, Pls help me out. My tecno P5 on switching on hangs at the manufacturer's logo(TECNO) and won't go down until I pluge out the battery. What should I do?

  5. Help…I wanted to get the airtel 4gb for 2 months, after I dialed *141*161# it tells me I'm not elligible for the offer…what other offer can I go for and the code, my budget is 2K for a month access on a PC…that for the prompt response

    • Did you install any app before it started hanging? if yes, boot it to safe mode and unsitall the app. If No, then it's has been bricked and it will require flashing


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