How do You Recharge your Phone – Bank or Hawkers?

How do you recharge your smartphone? I asked this question because a lot of controversial discussion currently going on online on how banks scams individuals by removing N10 when you recharge via your banks.

Others gave reason that lot of people are becoming jobless, hence it’s advisable you buy from hawkers and not machine.


But I understand the ease of convenience buying through the bank or VTU because you don’t need to hit the road every time you want your phone recharged. When you buy from people, you help them earn a living, when you buy from the bank, you deprive the hawkers from earning a living by enriching the banks.

I’m also guilty of this but the truth still remains, empower that lady/bros on your strength and you’ll be blessed for it.

How do you normally recharge your phone? Through the banks or hawkers?

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22 thoughts on “How do You Recharge your Phone – Bank or Hawkers?”

  1. I recharge using any bank’s Mobile app. Recently, I’ve thought of using jumia one because of the 5% discount. Occasionally, I do patronize hawkers.

  2. I recharge through my bank..
    I even mistakenly recharged for one 1k card. Up till now the no is no going through.

  3. I dont understand how people say don’t buy from machines but buy from people to enrich their lives .
    What ever profit the bank gets is not for the machines rather its used to pay the bankers who are also people .

    To the question on ground, I use zoto in recharging once a week because they offer 20% discounts on recharges once a week . I simply guess the amount I’ll use in a week, recharge and get the 20% bonus .

  4. No matter how cheaper it may be my advise to everyone is to stop patronising the banks and some applications, by doing this you are helping millions of people and also preventing crime. The easiest way for me is the banks but I never for once. I always patronise the hawkers.

  5. Prof, the world is evolving. I don’t patronize them. I recharge via the Zoto app simply because of the discount given. Computers and machines have taken over our jobs too, so it goes round for everyone of us. They had better look for other viable means of livelihood. The world is moving on

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