Don’t Miss This – Best Data Plan For All Smartphones & PC’ in July 2015

While surfing the net, it is paramount to safe cost and stop
dashing all this mobile mobile network your hard earn money. I know there are
some people who still spend close to 2k weekly on data subscription, just
because of ignorance. 

Airtel: Just incase you don’t know, Airtel just unleash
another plan and they call it UnlimiNET and it allows you to still have access
to the internet even when you’ve exhausted your data attached to the
subscription you made.
The flaw about this plan is that it is too expensive, I wonder
what Airtel had in mind when the introduce this plan, yet they give Kenya’s
18GB for N2,600.
==>For Daily, 10MB N200
==>Weekly, 60MB for N600
==>Monthly, 1GB for N3,000
==>Monthly Max, 3GB for N5,000
For iOS users, Airtel Android is suitable for you, 2GB for
N2,000 and 4GB for N2,000.


MTN: For those of you still asking if MTN blackberry plan is
still working on Android, Yes it is working so long you have simple server
install on your Android and PC. And to those who still ask if BBLITED Monthly
is capped, it is capped, same as BBLITED Day, 5GB. 
For PC users, note that it equally rocks on PC too, and if
you want to go for the normal Better me data plan, you can always go for it as
it works on all device. 
For iOS & Window users, sorry to disappoint you, it won’t work on your device except the normal 2015MB data me plan.
Do people still go for MTN allnight plan for N2,500 4.5GB?
Etisalat: Well, nothing new about Etisalat other than their
normal newly introduced 1GB for N1,000 and 2GB for N2,000.
To activate Etisalat 1GB dial *229*2*7#
For etisalat 2GB for N2,000 dial *229*2*8#
It works on all devices
including PC’.
Glo: In the past one year, glo as recorded the highest data
subscription network because people have been able to use their normal
blackberry plan on Android devices and Blackberry10 which makes it the best. 
If you are new to Android, don’t waste your money subscribing for unnecessary exorbitant data like the primitive babe I saw on twitter that spends 2k every
3days just to browse… the mumucious lady didn’t know that she needed to be
schooled in the university of data subscription.
Just with the magic number, you can get Glo blackberry plan
working on Android. 
Note: for PC, windows & iOs users, normal plan is recommended for
A word is enough for the wise.
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22 thoughts on “Don’t Miss This – Best Data Plan For All Smartphones & PC’ in July 2015

  1. Pls help. My rooted infinix hot note pro is consuming my battery. Cell standby and device idle are consuming about 50% each.. I have tried both greenify and amplify app but still both cell standby and device idle are consuming my battery. Pls any way out?

    • Mine doesn't do like that. I guess some forbiden apps re running at the background of your device.
      Go to setttings>>> Apps>Click on individual apps and click on force stop to the apps you don't want it to run. once you've done that reboth your hot and your battery will be normal.

  2. Glo has been doing very poor, this days it hardly connect to the internet, likewise Mtn bb10lite only powers whatsapp within the range of 10 mb or 15 mb after you receive message that you have 0mb of your inclusive data then whatsapp will stop working. What's the way out please.

    • The way out is to check the network with good reception in ur location. If ur bblited keeps giving u headache, pls try another mtn sim and to make it powers all ur apps, use auto proxy or proxy droid

    • The data cap for both are 5gb if u are lucky. Both are good but atimes, one of dem might decide to be slow that's wen u go for the other.

  3. bro thanks. My glo bis doesnt browse on my pc when i hotspot it from my blackberry. Please what am i not doing right?

  4. Hello Prof. I followed your tutorial on how to get adsense approved through youtube. I now have an approved adsense and i have added it to my blog but i dont understand what you mean by 'delete the initial email' is the initial email the new email or the old email.

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