Will You Rock Ulefone Power 5 with 13000mah Battery Capacity?

Smartphone are not just becoming smarter these days but newer features are being introduced such as big display and bigger battery.

I am one of those who believe that the bigger the battery, the better the smartphone. Ulefone has introduced a bigger battery device called Ulefone Power 5 that can last you 7 days on a single charge. What this means is that you only need to charge the device 52 times in a year.

ulefone power 5

Before I proceed, how many times do you charge your smartphone in a year?

Ulefone power 5 is not just a smartphone with monstrous battery but comes with an advanced 5V/5A super fast charge support which can fill up the battery in merely 2.5 hours. Plus, the phone also features 10W fast wireless charge.

Ulefone Power 5 Specification

Ulefone power 5 comes with 6GB Ram + 64GB onboard storage, a trendy 6″ 18:9 all-screen FHD+ display for a much broader. On the camera side, the Power 5 comes with a Sony 21MP+5MP dual rear camera combo and a 13MP+5MP dual selfie camera for quality photos.

Ulefone Power 5 also comes with facial recognition system, side-mounted fingerprint sensor, shortcut key on the side, and the latest Android 8.1 Oreo.

Regardless of what you do with your smartphone, 13000mah battery capacity is a good buy for smartphone lovers.


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19 thoughts on “Will You Rock Ulefone Power 5 with 13000mah Battery Capacity?”

  1. honestly I LOL when I saw that you only need to charge it 52 times in a year because my own have pass 100 times sef, I’m sure , lmfao. regardless, this phone is a beast! I can definitely rock it

  2. Oooh my God!!! This is the phone every 9ja must get bcos of its humongous battery and perennial power failure in Nigeria

  3. Wow. Not only is the battery big, the specs are also amazing. However we are buying a phone and not a power bank. I wonder how this would fit into the pocket.

  4. These one na power bank ooo… I guess the more the ba3 capacity the heavier the phone. Nice specs though for ba3 lovers


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