How is Glo Network in Your Area?

The honeymoon seems to be over for Glo users in Nigeria, the
Grandmaster of data seems to have been grounded their data services in Nigeria.
It is an unquestionable fact that glo have the cheapest data services and price
in Nigeria but the worst network so far.

Glo network seems to have moved from grade D to W because
the network this 2017 seems to been worse than 2016 in all the location I’ve
been to.
Now I don’t understand what is actually happening to Glo
network. Those of you using Glo network to surf, how is the network in your
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46 thoughts on “How is Glo Network in Your Area?”

  1. @Prof, "Glo network seems to have moved from grade D to W because the network this 2017 seems to been worse than 2016"…..This is sooo true!

    I live somewhere around Meiran and i must say that GLO network has been terrible bad.

  2. If Buhari is planning to scrap any useless network in Nigeria i think Glo should be the number one network to be scrap as scapegoat for other network.
    The network has been useless if not close to a year now, nothing to talk about 2G of Visaphone then is even stable compare to 4G render by GLO.

  3. I love global network cause it seems to be details fastest network in my area when it comes to surfing

    posting from rivers state …eleme L.G.A/PH

  4. I still have 2.7Gb…..Glo don finish me
    Even their 2G can't even open a page
    Is it the 3G?…once I put my phone only on 3G I will be seeing Emergency Only…Glo don create enemies for them selves

  5. Not good as b4. But am still managing it because they service is ok in my area from beginning. But for now it's bad and sometimes it cannot deliver messages on time during chat and that's the most annoying part of it .

  6. baba na 1k airtel bb all d way.
    i do not mins buying 5k airtime which gv me 18gig.
    airtel na speed.
    srops out frm glo since oct last year

  7. It has really been working for me, but day before yesterday, it started having network issue that at a point I thought maybe my data have exhausted but lo and behold I still have enough, it persisted, so I angrily changed my network provider to airtel

  8. Funny enough as at now typing this, the network is better now, seem they had a little issue back then. As for me still consider them to be the best compared to others.


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