SMILE Launches 0702smile 4G LTE Sim

When you hear the word SMILE, the first thing that should
come to your mind shouldn’t be just a facial expression that dictates your mood
but the first telecommunications service provider in West Africa   to
deploy the 4GLTE network technology in 2013.

SMILE has further more put smiles in the faces of gullible
Nigerians by introducing an all-encompassing bundle, 0702smile 4GLTE sim pack
for N1,000.
The all-encompassing super value starter pack, the first of
its kind in the country, offers consumers 30 days   unlimited access
to social network sites, 30 days access to unlimited browsing, 30 minutes Short
Message Service [SMS] and 30 minutes calls to any network.
Benefits of SMILE 4G LTE 0702 Sim
>>You can use your Smile 4G LTE sim in the latest 4G
enabled phones and use it to make calls locally and to anywhere in the world,
for Internet, video/music streaming/downloads and SMSs, all using one Smile
bundle plan, which is a first in this market.”
>>Voice calls and SMS from a data package will be
charged at 8k/sec from home and abroad on the Smile voice only plan, free calls
from abroad on the SmileVoice app which is available on the IOS and Google
Smile 0702 4G sim will work on most 4G phones that supports
band 20 (800Mhz)
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41 thoughts on “SMILE Launches 0702smile 4G LTE Sim”

    • it will work in anywhere there are smile coverage.I know we have smile coverage in these cities Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha and Asaba.

  1. Kindly helep me check if hot 4pro go support all 4glte network for we country naija b4 i go bought am. i need one phone wey i go fit swap sim wen need be… urgently urgent pls

    • Hot 4 Pro won't support Glo. But supports others. Also becareful of where you are buying it from because alot of clone infinix is everywhere now, Nigerians are really working

    • Hello Garba, why not even go to their office, and get the sim, lets see if it will select your own device too or not before talking about the unlimited browsing from their starter pack

  2. THERE'S PROBLEM o. this so called 0702smile is even more difficult than Glo 28band. I went to their office and they 4g didn't work on my Phone. Despite that my phone has band 20. they said its selective. Someone else even came with Samsung with band 20 and it still didn't work. So I don't understand all this type of nonsense 4g . Maybe they want everybody to start using iPhone 7 and Galaxy s6.

  3. Sir Yomi, could you kindly clarify for us. Is it going to be 1,000 for both the simpack, and bundle OR
    Is the simpack alone 1,000 Naira and we have to buy a bundle.
    I'm asking because I intend to buy their modem and simpack tomorrow, and we have so much respect for your site.

  4. I just discovered that even the phantom 6plus didn't have the band 28 just like phantom 5 so it won't work with glo. I saw it on their website, different from the specifications they posted somewhere else . Funy enough I have sold my phantom5 already.

  5. Was in one of smile outlet in ibadan this morning to get the sim, plus registration it took less than 6min before the big problem start I eventually left after 4 hours when both phone refuse to pick network. I use Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy A8. Both phone run on the same band smile claim but both were not working we almost call all the technician in smile no adjustment to the phone make it work. I later left after lot of wasted time but thank God I did lose more than the 1k.


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