Pay N5million or Stop illegal Auto Data Renewal – NCC Warns TELCOS

This is not the first, and it won’t be the last NCC will Fine TELCOs. This time around, the commission vowed to impose N5Million fine if they auto renew your data subscription without your permission.

The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, had on 21 May, 2018 issued a directive to all network providers to desist from imposing any value added services (VAT) on the subscribers without their express permission.


NCC explained that the complaints received by the Commission had risen to an unacceptable level that the Commission could no longer delay in issuing the directive against operators engaging in the unlawful act.

Besides the N5million fine that awaits the violation of the law, he further explained that for every day that the commission issues the sanction and the fine was not paid by the service provider, it will attract additional N500, 000.

‘The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, on the 21 May, 2018 issued a directive to all network providers to desist from carrying out automatic or unwarranted renewal of data packages without their consent. We have also directed that no mobile service providers should impose their services to consumers. ‘It is expected that they should obtain their consent.

According to NCC,

there should be a written text by the network provider to the consumer requesting to know whether the consumer is interested in renewing the package, after that, the network provider must also repeat the process to ensure that the consumer understood the terms and conditions of the service and has given consent before automatic renewal.

How I wish the N5million will be given to the subscribers since it’s a violation directives  on their part

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23 thoughts on “Pay N5million or Stop illegal Auto Data Renewal – NCC Warns TELCOS”

  1. This NCC that can be a toothless bulldog sometimes. Its high time such fines are also shared with the customers that are violated

  2. That auto renewal is very bad. I pity those who always forgot to cancel it. Personally, it has affected me many times.

  3. Pay 5million naira if you want to continue robbing my people
    That’s just by he simple thing I understand from NCC madness.
    Hown much is 5million that the Telco can’t afford compare to what they will derive from the stupid auto renew.

  4. honestly prof, i think the 5million fine is a bit paltry, i was expecting a sum like 50-100 mils for any violation.

  5. NCC! na dry raking una dey, action speaks louder than words.
    MTN would be the first to nabbed,if NCC played by the rule.
    sometimes ago a customer sued MTN for credit deduction and he was compensated.
    hope to see the likes of this..

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