Download & Review Yomiprof’s App On Google Playstore

I must sincerely appreciate E.O Akinyemi who volunteered to
develop my  site app. Though the app has
been developed over sometimes now but I just don’t give much attention to it.
But on- reading one of the comment posted by a loyal friend of mine on one of the
post on this blog,  requesting me to

develop an app for my site so that it will become easier for people to read my
update; then i remembered the app my humble friend, the great app developer develop for me.

Well the app is already on play store and if you are using
android phones rooted or not rooted,BB10 or whatever kind of device that
support apk format,  I’ll quickly suggest
 you fasten your seat belt, while on automatic gear drive down
to Google play store, search for 
yomiprof  or download it here and gbam..! the app will appear; download it, install it and if
you can, write a review about the app.  If you noticed any issue that needed to be
fixed, please kindly let me know via the comment section. 
You guys are just the
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19 thoughts on “Download & Review Yomiprof’s App On Google Playstore”

  1. Profyomi, there is no way i can download it on my BB Q5, since is from google store.
    kindly attach the in a cloud for me to download.

  2. Mr yomi. kudos to u. you did a good jobs. I had prophecy this long ago. GOD will continue to multiplying you. this is a beginning of a new done in your life. you will succeed where other fail. pl continue to empowers people. and your own progress will know no bond.

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