Glo Bags The Most Innovative Brand of the Year Award

I guess you are enjoying Glo superfast network, most especially the OgaSim package that gives you lots of data bonuses.

Well, Glo bags the most innovative brand of the year award and third most valuable brand in Nigeria at The Top 50 Brands/ IamBrandNigeria awards held in Lagos.

glo award

Glo Yakata, which has generally been adjudged as one of the best offers in the industry won the prize for Globalcom.

Customers on the Yakata plan and new ones enjoy amazing bonuses every time they recharge their Glo lines, in addition to free bonus, which could give customers up to N2, 200 for a N100 recharge. The bonus includes as much as 6GB of data and a minimum of N500 to call all networks.

Organisers of the awards commended Globacom for its constant innovations which have seen it roll out a series of people-oriented products and services in 2018, adding that Glo Yakata has added higher value to the company’s subscribers.

We’ll like to ask you how is Glo network in your location, fast, slow or terrible?

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17 thoughts on “Glo Bags The Most Innovative Brand of the Year Award”

  1. Really, Glo deserves all these accolades but their network. If they could just match mtn in terms of network strength, they would be AMAZING! Glo network for me here is just there, it blows hot and cold occasionally

  2. Yakata indeed has been a blessing for me… And the network here wickedly fast… Up to 3mb/s on 3g sim when downloading

  3. Bought a new SIM recently and I must say glo network has improved tremendously… I never thought I was going to use it but now I’m liking it…

  4. When i used glo, as of last year and sometime this year, there was a never a place i went in lagos that the network was slow.. I did enjoy it till Ntel came with their own

  5. It’s no doubt that they give away bonus than other service providers but the poor internet coverage in most cities discredits their service to me and they should seriously improve on it.

  6. We shouldn’t be guillible in our appraisal of these awards. We all know that most of them are bought. By the way, how come AIRTEL rarely receives any accolade?


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