Glo Oga Sim Double Data Offer – Gives You 125% Bonus Data

The ntel data awoof is really making sense except for the slow network issue encountered during browsing in some locations and I’m guessing this thing is really turning Globacom crazy, hence introduced Glo Oga Sim.

Glo Oga Sim is a new data bonus that gives subscribers double data bonus over the standard data package on their subscriptions. For instance, if you subscribe for  7.2GB @ N2500, you’ll be given extra 7.2GB oga sim data bonus making it 14.4GB.

glo Oga Sim

For regular N1000 monthly data subscription that is supposed to give you 1.6GB and 2GB of data for existing, new and renewal customers, they would now get a whopping 3.5GB.

This is applicable to all other data plans.

How do I Get Glo Oga Sim Offer?

1. Make sure your Glo sim is 4G(not compulsory) enabled or go to the nearest Glo outlet to upgrade your 3G sim to 4G

2. Renew the plan before your current plans expire.

And for your information, Glo subcribers have also been testifying that 4G sim is faster in their location compare to some other plances.

Can I use Glo 4G SIM on my 3G enabled phone?

Yes, you can.

I don’t know why Globacom stopped double data offer initially, but atleast with this new data offer, they might regain the position as the grandmaster of data.

This is a welcome development and those of you using Glo 4G LTE can also testify of the speed in your location.

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25 thoughts on “Glo Oga Sim Double Data Offer – Gives You 125% Bonus Data”

  1. Their speed have been absolutely awesome with my 4G sim for the past months.
    The double data offer is also a nice initiative as long as it doesn’t restrict some part of it for only night browsing

  2. I ditched a 4g enabled SIM card which I bought December cos they keep deducting my money and ally effort going to their office, calling dem and even chatting them to rectify was fruitful. I just opted in for the regular 3g SIM and I’ve not had an issue with that ever since.
    Summary: their 4g sim is a scam

  3. I just activated 2GB for N1000 on my 3G glo sim and I was given 2GB+2GB bonus making it 4GB for N1000. This is cool considering the fact that I don’t have ntel in my location here in Kano.

  4. I just Chatted with a Glo Support Staff about the Oga SIM Promo and i thought that i should post the Chat Response here Cause i know ALOT of You here would have this same Questions.

    What is Oga SIM?
    Oga SIM is any new Glo SIM.
    How is it different from the current SIMs?
    Any new SIM bought today is Oga SIM. Oga SIM is a promo that offers new customers 125% data bonus on all plans.

    Are these new plans available to all customers?
    • Any customer who buys a new Glo SIM will benefit from the promo.
    • Existing customers who have never used data will also benefit when they buy data for the first time.
    • Customers whose last data plan expired more than 90 days ago will also benefit.

    Can I auto renew with a lower plan and still get the extra bonus data benefit?
    Yes. As you auto renew to a new plan you will you get the extra bonus data for the plan bought.

    Can these plans be gifted?
    Yes. All plans are giftable. But remember that the bonus received will depend on the status of the giftee. If the giftee
    is a new customer (or new/returning data customer), he will get 125%. If the giftee is an existing or old customer,
    he/she gets 25% bonus. In other words, the bonus awarded does not depend on the status of the gifter rather it
    depends on the status of the giftee.
    • Gifter – person buying the plan and gifting to someone else.
    • Giftee – the person that receives the plan/gift.
    Can these plans be shared?
    Yes, plans from N200 and above are sharable

    How do I get these new plans?
    Plans are available via *777# for plan menu and selection on .

    Will these plans work on modems, routers and mobile routers?
    Yes, these plans will work on any compatible device.

    Can I stack these data plans? Subscribe multiple times?
    Yes, these plans will work like any HSI plan and share all the HSI features.

    Are these plans auto-renewable?
    Yes. A Data Plan is considered Auto Renewed if you Buy another Data Plan before the expiry of the existing data
    plan or within 7 days of expiry.

    Will I get 125% bonus if I am using a 4G SIM on a 3G device?
    Yes, the promo is targeted at all new customers irrespective of SIM type (LTE or 3G) and irrespective of the device.

    What is the cost of the Oga SIM? Is it priced differently?
    The Oga SIM is your regular LTE SIM and is priced the same at N150 per SIM
    How long is the promo for?
    The promo – as currently designed – is to last for 4 months

  5. Glo works fine for me with the 4G network but my issue is that i can’t make calls when i switch to 4G network, it happened to me when i was using my NTEL sim also. my point is we should be able to receive and make calls while we are on 4G network. don’t know if it’s the Network or the Device. just saying that gap should be bridged.

  6. I subscribed for 1k this morning and they gave me only 2gig. Does it mean I have to abandon my sim for 90 days to be eligible? Or buy a new glo sim to be eligible?


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