Android 8.0 Oreo Coming to Infinix Note 4 X572

Infinix is working… I don’t know why some other devices are
not getting any update most especially from side by side competitors. I’ve got
lots of complains recently from Tecno users and I feel because updates is
lacking, therefore problem will persist.

Infinix on the other hand is warming up to roll out Android 8.0
Oreo to Infinix users beginning with infinix Note 4. Therefore if you are
using infinix note 4, be expecting Android 8.0 beta update to be roll out soon.
No word on the particular date but Android 0 beta testers
for Note 4 X572 have been recruited and soonest it will be rolled out to the public. Other infinix
users should keep hope alive because sooner or later, you’ll also get to you.
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