Cheapest Data Plan For iOS, Android & PC Users February 2018

Like I said, we are still waiting for the release of Airtel
4G even though it is visible in some location but not usable.
Data cap has been falling the way the crypto market has been
fallen… and you’ll keep wondering why is everything going down? Data is important
because without it, your device will be of less use.At this point, lets talk about
the suitable data for this month.

Spar Free Unlimited Internet
Spar is offering you free unlimited internet service for 30
minutes whenever you are around their location to shop. All you need to do is
to follow the below steps to connect
star shopping mall free wifi
>>Switch On Your Mobile WiFi
>>Choose SPAR WiFi
>>Open Your Mobile Browser
>>One time registration with your email
>>Connect and download the hell out with free internet
Airtel N1000 for 3G: Those of you that has been rocking
Airtel  Blackberry Plan on your Android
device N1000 for 3GB… the plan has been discontinued. I don’t know why this
came in such a time like this but Airtel choose to suspend the plan.
Airtel Unlimited: No more Airtel Unlimited 10, 15 and 20. It is no longer
unlimited. It is now capped; before now, if you exhaust any of the package
plan, you can still surf but with a throttle speed. This time around, once you exhaust
your plan, that is all.
Airtel Unlimited 10 for N10,000 gives you 20GB to last you
for 30 days
Airtel Unlimited N15, gives you 48GB to last you for 30
Dial *462*10# for the Unlimited 10 for N10,000
Dial *462*15# for the unlimited 15
And dial *462*20# for the unlimited 20.
To check your data balance, dial *140#
(Note: that all the plans above doesn’t zap unlike before,
it reads normally and should be enough to carry you through)
Alternatively, you can go for any of the Airtel New Plans
Airtel New Data Plan:
Recharge N1000 and get 4.5GB data
(1.5GB android data + 3GB YouTube streaming)
Recharge N2000 and get 9.5GB data
(3.5GB android data + 6GB YouTube streaming)
Recharge N2500 and get 15GB data
(5GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)
Recharge N3500 and get 17 GB data
(7GB android data + 10 GB YouTube streaming)
Recharge N4000 and get 19GB data
(9GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)
Each of the data will last you for
30 days and the YouTube free data is only usable at night.
How Can I Get it?
Dial *323# and follow the prompt.
Glo Unfair Advantage: Glo unfair advantage is no longer fair;
it has reduced by 50%. Subscribers are not happy despite the facts that Glo is
not only slow in most location but sluggishly slow. This is the new Glo data
plan as seen below;
New Glo Data Plans
N1000 = 2GB
N2000 = 4.5GB
N2500 = 7.2GB
N3000 = 8.7GB
N4000 = 12.5GB
N5000 = 15.6GB
N8000 = 25GB
N10000 = 32.5GB
N18000 = 62.5GB
N20000 = 78.7GB
Dial *777# to choose your preferred package.
MTN Double Data Offer: MTN double data offer is still
working perfectly well and I don’t think its going to stop anytime soon. N5000
subscription gives me 20GB and it doesn’t Zap at all. See the image below;
See guide here to activate yours.
9mobile: What do you want me to see about 9mobile? No

Third Party Data Plan
Alternatively, I’ll recommend you go for third party data
plans because it doesn’t zap and the validity is 3 months.
You can get
MTN Data Price
500MB N400
1GB N600
2GB N1200
3GB N1800
4GB N2400
5GB N3000
Check here for more details or call
this number to activate 08168193125
I’ll be given free mtn data to the
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  1. Mehn, this is the funniest "cheapest data plan" post prof has ever made, lol. Other than SPAR and Third Party Resellers, every other plan has isn't the day it used to be. Prof thank you for the data, 08134591188.


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