Dollar to Naira Exhange Rate as at 1983 and Now

I had no choice but to relate this picture to current exchange rate as at today
27th September 2016,
USD => 438 / 445*
GBP => 553 / 565*
EUR => 470 / 488*

33years ago 26th September 1983,
as seen in the picture , 1 dollar was N1.5. The naira is not only limping
to survive, but already on a life support waiting for divine intervention. 
To know more about current exchange rate,
you can always check here.
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17 thoughts on “Dollar to Naira Exhange Rate as at 1983 and Now”

  1. Good OLD days. That was when we know what we are doing(sane) as a country unlike now that 'my, my, our, our OWN' has infested our soul and body.
    That was then when Naira was in the "heavy-weight" level, unlike now that Naira has 'brutally' hit/knock its head on a 9-inches Nail and it's convulsing right now.

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