New Blackberry Flagship DTEK60 Leaks, Incredible Spec With FingerPrint ID

If you can’t beat them from the other side, join them and
then beat them from the inside. The next Blackberry flagship DTEK60 have
surfaced online again and it clearly shows that it is a larger version of BlackberryDTEK50 with improved specs, finger print ID and excellent 21MP rear shooter

I think you should see the specs sheet for yourself below;
diagonal, 534 PPI, 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolution
All-touch screen
Snapdragon 820 64-bit Quad-Core (MSM8996 with 64 bit Quad-Core 2+2 Kryo 2.15GHz
/ 1.6GHz), Adreno 530, 624MHz GPU
4 GB RAM, 32 GB
USB Type-C
3000 mAh 4.4V
non-removable Lithium-Ion battery QC3.0 Enabled
autofocus camera
sensor (DTEK60)
Convenience key
Red LED indicator

According to
Blackberry DTEK60 could likely arrive in October 11th and it will be
priced at $530 USD (N235,850). I don’t want to believe that price though if not
it is only blackberry company staffs and there family members that will use the
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7 thoughts on “New Blackberry Flagship DTEK60 Leaks, Incredible Spec With FingerPrint ID”

  1. Blackberry are very stupid thats the major reason their company is fading away. The price of their phone is too high. Its better they start making phone ranging from 20k or Blackberry will become history


  2. Its better to go for iPhone than buying it at that so cost rate .they are trying to join the moving train but their train lost their race track .they are more freaking pple


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