Will You Rock This 2in1 Charger With Power Bank?

So I’ll call this a prostitute 2in1 charger, it can super
charge your device, Android, Blackberry or any supported USB device. I was
actually feeding my eyes with Gadgets on DealDey went I stumble on this
attractive first timer charger.

This 2-in-1 USB Adapter Charger with Power Bank, is an adapter that
allows you charge your USB enabled devices either with an electric
source or when power interruption occurs. The EU plug adapter comes with
a 3200mAh power bank, stores up power for your use when there is no
power, or you are away from a power source. The adapter is highly
efficient and consumes low energy, it is compact, lightweight and
durable which makes it easy to take anywhere.


Why You Should Try
This 2in1 Charger

Adapter Charger with Power Bank | 2-in-1 | 3200mAH 
fast, efficient charging
efficiency and low energy consumption

circuit to prevent overcharging

size, compact, lightweight, durable, easy to take anywhere

plug it into a wall outlet and charge through a proper USB cable 

use it with any USB devices, simply connect a USB cable (not included) to your
device and then to the charger module, easy to use 

with most of the USB enabled devices 

Where Can I Get it?
You can get it or see more  here
Price: N3,099

Will you rock it?

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  1. Tnx yomi. But ow do i go about the process. I av'nt done one before. Morever d Rom is a very large file o. Can't it b compress.
    Pls give me a lame man process of upgrading to d lollipop eventually if i dwnld d Rom. Tnx

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