Mtn Bis Still Rocking on PC With XT181

I just read on Channel that NCC,
Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and Glo has been ordered by High court in Lagos state to
pay  N500Million for interrupting the APC
presidential campaign. I smiled in French and said to myself, when will they be
sued for invasion of privacy, excessive charges on data and illegal baptismal
sms sending? Though I’m still waiting to see when this will end.

I can see we are all still rocking MTNBB10 package on Android without any interference and the speed is just super
amazing. Do you know the 5GB you get for just N100 is equivalent to N5,400
data. So if you need to do any download always remember to make use of this MTN
BBMIDID package.
It rocks on PC using Simple server,
Open VPN and Xt181.

To use Xt181 on PC with MTN BB do the

Mind you, if you are already using SS
on PC, no need to use this again; but if you are not,just follow the below
==>Download this file called XT here
==>Extract it into a folder
==>Click on the app>>>Click
on listen
Then go to your browser
>>Tools>>>Option>>Advance>>>Network and click on
Choose manual  proxy configuration
settings and use this ip address Port:8080
Connect your modem
To configure it with Torrent,

Got to settings in your torrent app set Proxy to and Port -8080
If its not stable, kindly download proxifier and connect for it to be stable.
Watch while you sip a cup of lemon
juice your download with exceptional speed.
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15 thoughts on “Mtn Bis Still Rocking on PC With XT181”

  1. Bro pls am having difficult on downloading with torrent. And I love downloading in torrent sir, this issue has been disturbing me since last 3 months ago. Am using Mtn bis with ss. Need reply sir

  2. Oga yomi more blessing ooo..Im currently using MTN BB 10 PLAN on my PC.. Guys!!! sub to BBLITED it cost 70Naira . I have downloaded up to 4.5GB and still counting…. BBLITED to 21600…rocking like hell.


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