UPDATES: WhatsApp Reborn V.1.75 AntiBan Version Available For Download

This is just an updates to all users of Whatsapp Plus or
Whatsapp Reborn. This updates is more better than the previous updates. Every
updates is an improvement on the previous. Meanwhile, if you are still using
normal whatsapp, I think you should still try this, permanent ban is not real,
it only exist in the mind.

Why Should I Use WhatsApp Reborn V1.75?

==>Fully customization/theming options available from changing icon
to change whole look of whatsapp by applying and creating themes
==>Upload videos upto 30MB , Images in original resolution (No compression)
Media sharing options
==>Whole new MATERIAL DESIGN implementation
==>Awesome privacy features Hide blue ticks , double ticks, last seen,
“is Writing” text So you can go underground.
==>Previews options for images and videos (like there is in iOS)
==>In-App group statistics
==>Get notified when your contacts go online

Whats New in V.1.75?

==> Changed default user interface
==>PREVIEWs added for Images & Videos (without downloading like in iOS).
==>In app Group statistics feature added in group info screen.
==>New Icon added color: TEAL
==>New mods 2.3.0 , 2.3.4 , 2.3.5 added
==>Made SubMenu for PRIVACY in CALLS UI
==>[Fixed] 2.3.x mods not working in CALLS UI
==>Other bug fixes
Where Can I Download It?

Download it here
For Updates

Simply Install the apk
For Fresh Installation
Please check here
Note, if your call features is activated, it will automatically
appear once you update it to v1.75.
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