All Android Users: Before Your Brick Your Device, Do This

Now that almost everyone is passionate about Android device,
it will be pertinent  to take these few
advice in order to keep your device secured. It baffles me to see a week old Infinix hot  android bricked few days ago  by a discourage, defeated and buffeted fellow.

How To Prevent Bricking Your Android Device
==>Keep USB Debugging enabled on your device. This
will help you unbrick it if something bad happens. Here’s how to do that across
various Android versions:
On Android 2.3 and below, go to
Settings > Applications > Development. Tick the USB Debugging Checkbox to
enable it.
On Android 4.0 and 4.1, go to Settings
> Developer Options and enable USB Debugging from there.
On Android 4.2 and above, go to
Settings > About Phone. In this screen, find something called Build number.
Tap on it seven times to unlock Developer Options on your device. Then, follow
the instructions you see after.

==>Take a Nandroid Backup. A nandroid backup of a
device is the full backup of your Android phone which can be restored at any
point of time to bring it back to the same state when it was backed up.
Obviously, when you backup your device, it is not bricked. And when it gets
bricked and you restore the nandroid backup, it is not bricked! To take a
nandroid backup of your device, you need to have a custom recovery like clockworkmod or TWRP. As an extra step of precaution, copy the backup files
to your computer’s hard disk or at any other place you consider safe so that
you don’t end up accidentally deleting them from your sd card.
==>Never install or flash your device with
application not men’t for your Android phone
. Ask question before you flash.
Android phone is not Nokia or Blackberry, if you think it is, then ask

==>Finally, there is a particular type of font app that normal brick Android phone, before you install any at all, please ask question if someone has used it before. Its very important before your device will be looking at you like a forgotten toy.

Keep it safe, keep it clean and secure.

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23 thoughts on “All Android Users: Before Your Brick Your Device, Do This”

  1. pls yomi, do i nid 2 install nandroid and twrp? coz i culdnt find twrp and clockworkmod on playstore. n3 is my fone bcos i wnt 2 upgrade to android 4.0 and u said we must follow dis procedure as well. so am confused here bro.

    • Hello Koly baly, sorry for late replies but once you install twrp or cwm, you will good to go. cwm is in play store just try and search it out or you want me to mail it to you?

  2. Please my tecno pad n9 jst developed a problem nd it started typing nd operating on its own well. . I dont knw wah to do wif d fone. . Prof can you help me out with dat. .

  3. my techno p5 phone has refused working. when you switch it on it comes on and after a few minutes no matter what you are doing it hangs and den shuts down only to display tecno and remain like that till the battery either dies or you remove the battery. please i need help

  4. Thanks for this post Prof. But I just want to know what this Clockworkmod is all about, I have heard people talk about flashing android with Clockworkmod but I seem not to know what it means. An explanation and step to do it for my Infinix Hot would be greatly appreciated sir.

    • ClockworkMod is a custom recovery for Android phones and tablets that allows you to perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device that aren’t possible with the stock recovery.

      I think this step here will help you through but if you are confuse, please do ask your question.

    • Thanks for your response Prof. What if i just install the TWRP directly from playstore since i already have my device rooted? .. Or do I require any additional step bfre installing the TWRP?

  5. Pls, what is everyone using to comment on this site. my bblitew stopped and its not up to a week yet. am using a school wifi to update. Yomi render an helping hand. i need unlimited. should i resubscribe? Thanks in anticipation for a good response.

  6. My techno f7 says storage running out n I have space in fact no app is installed cos it won't agree I'm still using only to tether from d Glo bis if I format d phone d IMei stuff will clear .. Help me

    • Search for "super backup" on Google playstore download & backup ur phone. U can backup sms, contacts, apps( +data if the device is rooted), bookmarks, call logs
      Then make sure it is backup up on sdcard.
      Make a factory reset, reboot & restore ur backup,
      Try to install "clean master" after backup restore too. Always clean ur junks everyday


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