WhatsApp Reborn V1.70 Be The Boss

WhatsApp Reborn get sweeter as more updates roll out. Don’t
be on hold, make sure you have activated the call features on your WhatsApp
before applying this mod. And if you haven’t, kindly do that.
WhatsApp Reborn or plus will keep having super edge over the
normal WhatsApp because of its constant upgrade and features that gives you
super power ability to customize it to your tastes. You can hide last seen, hide last read, hide the two blue ticks, you can even be online doing your normal biz and no one will know you are online… That’s the power of WhatsApp Reborn.

Why Should I Use WhatsApp Reborn V1.70?

==>Fully customization/theming available
from changing icon to change whole look of WhatsApp by applying and creating
==>Upload videos upto 30MB , Images in
original resolution (No compression) Media sharing options
==>Whole new MATERIAL DESIGN implementation
==>Awesome privacy features Hide blue ticks
, double ticks, last seen, “is Writing” text So you can go
==>Get notified when your contacts go
And many more mods
The truth is, If you will use this mod
for 7 days continuously you won’t ever switch back to original whatsapp.
Whats New?

==>Lollipop users, It’s is recommended to
use DARK theme in mod 6.5 if you want to have material design taste in app
==>[Fixed] Crash for some users while
opening “OsmMods” settings
==>More settings icon added
For Fresh Installation

Make Sure you have a perfectly running whatsapp
installed with your important chat

1) Open WhatsApp & Go to Settings>>>Chat
Settings>>>Backup Conversations
2) Uninstall WhatsApp
3) Download & Install Given WhatsApp+’s
4) Open it>>>Click AGREE &
CONTINUE>>Enter your number
5) If you have backed up your chat earlier
then there should be RESTORE BUTTON , Press it
(If you get message like “Your app is
unofficial Download from play store” then Uninstall current WhatsApp+
>>>install original whatsapp from play store → do verification process
>>Chat with 1-2 person>>> backup chats>>> uninstall
Original whatsapp >>>install given WhatsApp+ You will definitely get
RESTORE button)
6) Grab a cup of coffee cause it might take
some long… Press Continue after it finishes
7) Congratulations You’ve successfully
installed WhatsApp+ .! Now Explore many more features
For Updates

install apk
Can I Download it?

it here
If you encounter any issue, don’t hesitate to use the comment box to drop your problem.
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21 thoughts on “WhatsApp Reborn V1.70 Be The Boss”

  1. Pls help me out here, I wanna activate the call feature for someone, but after calling the pepersonthe call tab won't appear, unlike other people's own, once I call them, and drrop the call after a few seconds, then I'll forcestop there whatsapp and open it again, ,the call tab will start appearing at once. And this person is using the official whatsapp, version 2.12.7 Pls advice me on. What to do.. .Thanks

  2. Prof I miss whatsapp plus. .I just want u to tell me that I won't get banned again so I can install it
    and pls I need an activation call for whatsapp 07032443577

  3. App not installed.. An existing package with same signature. But I have uninstalled the formal WhatsApp.. Please help..my phone no is 08138685694

    • Use the procedure below to fix it

      How to install:
      1. Make sure your Phone is Rooted
      2. Download Root explorer here
      3. Download the whatsapp+
      4. Backup your previous whatsapp conversation just as prof have stated…
      5. Delete your official whatsapp.
      6. Install your root explorer then goto root»vendor»operator»app
      7. Locate and delete the whatsapp again.
      8. Search for your whatsapp+ and move it to the folder where you deleted the official whatsapp.
      9. Install and enjoy.


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