Data War: MTN Gain New 8M Subscribers, As 1M More Subscribers Dumps 9mobile

Active mobile voice subscriptions on the MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and Globacom networks rose from 185,742,016 in January to 196,039,869 in June 2020.

This shows that 10.3 million active network users have been added within six months, according to statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission on the subscribers under the GSM category.

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Airtel and Globacom gained 2.46 million and 818,346 new subscribers between January and June respectively.

Also, MTN added 8.06 million new users to its network in the six months under review. Only 9mobile lost subscribers amounting to 1.05 million from January to June 2020.

Airtel started the year with 49.99 million active phone users and by June, it had 52.46 million subscribers on its network.

MTN’s subscriber figures increased from 70.69 million network users in January to 78.75 million subscribers in June.

Globacom, which had 51.76 million subscribers in January this year, gained new ones to reach 52.57 million by the end of June 2020.

9mobile had 13.16 million phone users in January but its number of active subscribers dropped to 12.11 million by the end of June this year.

At the end of June, the four mobile network operators maintained their ranking and market share with MTN leading the industry with the highest market share of 40.17 percent.

Globacom ranked second and had a 26.82 percent market share; Airtel ranked third with 26.76 percent and 9mobile with 6.18 percent market share.

The NCC report indicated that the telecom industry gained a total of 14.96 million new users in six months, from January to June.

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3 thoughts on “Data War: MTN Gain New 8M Subscribers, As 1M More Subscribers Dumps 9mobile”

  1. One thing suprises me about 9mobile network (formally Etisalat). They continue to lose customers everyday, but they seem not botherd. I wonder how they manage to pay workers and take care of other logistics. I really feel bad why 9mobile was not sold then. Even now, I doubt if any investors will be still interested in buying 9mobile. Prof Yomi, please why was 9mobile not sold then and who is managing 9mobile now. Is there any plans for it to be sold in future?

  2. Whenever i saw such statistic like this i just laugh
    Na same customer jumping from one company to the other
    maybe because of cheat or new bonuses
    nothing like new customer
    They are all old wine in new bottle


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