How To Record Incoming & Outgoing Calls From Your BB10

Have you ever wanted recording some of the important calls
you make on your device and it somehow proves impossible? Or you just wanted to
prove a point as an evidence that so so person actually said “that or this”
during a call conversation but you don’t know how to go about that…

Well, with
your bb10, you can simply do amazingly call recording while still maintaining
your battery life.

One of the best call recording app for your device is PhoneTap. Phone Tap has a simple interface, easy to use and When you first launch
the app the first screen you come to is where your recorded calls will appear.
It also allows you to automatically record calls or have it prompt you if
you’re only going to be recording a certain type of call.
How Can I Download This App?
==>Visit Blackberry world or download it here
==>Run and install it while granting it necessary
permission. Once you are done with the installation, you can test run it by
recording your next call and see how clear the sound is.
The funniest aspect about this app is that it allow you to
even password the calls recorded and I greatly recommend this if you are going
to be making business calls.
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  1. bro yomi, plz i need ur help, I cannot delete any application on my tecno L3 & if i tried to do so & i dot it deleted, if i switch on my fone back i will see the application thr again & i ve tried doin hard resetting on it several times but to no avail..
    And right now d phone is complaining of low storage.
    Plz what can i do to get my fone working back again.
    Thanks.. waiting for ur reply bro.

  2. Please I know my question is not related to the post in anyway but please help me out. I am using Q10, I finished my MTN data b4 the validity period. Can I subscribe again? Or do I have to wait until the validity period expires?


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