How To Use Your Eti Bis Plan On Blackberry Device

Hello guys I guess we are still rocking the etisalat bis
plan with speed? Well I decided to make this simple but short post because of
those who have been unable to use their etisalat bis sim on their blackberry
device. Like I said in my previous post that the bb10 package clears the mucus

the bb complete to work on other device or we can simply say that the bb10
daily plan dis-virgin the  bb complete
plan so that it can function flawlessly on non bb device.

This automatically turns into a normal data bundle and
therefore, you may not be able to use it as a bis plan on your bb device. To
use it again on your bb device just activate bb daily plan by dialing *499*3*2#
or Send COD to 399, costs N100 and it will be reactivated on your
blackberry device.
Note: Please remember to deactivate auto renewal so that
they won’t be charging you every day by dialing *229*0# and you are good to go.
I also learn’t Glob is working on Android and PC but it is
very slow therefore I won’t be posting the settings until it is stable. Enjoy
your day everyone!
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40 thoughts on “How To Use Your Eti Bis Plan On Blackberry Device”

  1. Yomi………
    My bro wey no dey ask bout person!
    It's been a while bro, keep the good work on bro it's well

    Stay bless……….

  2. the prof….airtel is still working on pc… ds is hw i did mine yesterday 9th dec… load #1500 and activate the airtel bb unlimited plan by dailing *440*16#…it costs 1500..after dt load again #100 then send DAILY to 141…dt costs #100…once its done…u are good to go…using mine now to type ds…

    • Esoft you are absolutely and perfectly right. because the one i activated before this Etis stuff came out is still working i am just using the sims interchangeably.

      It is high time we unlock Mtn bis to work on all device.

  3. pls do I configure d airtel plan on pc or once I sub and insert d sim in d modem it do I have to twek anytin in d modem settings and does dis plan have a data cap?

  4. Perhaps you r new in the business…….

    Once you load your account, I'll suggest you try *440*161# befor the one posted here.
    After that load 100 naira n activate their 100 daily mb

    Configure your modem only with only n connect…….

    But mine work without the daily plan.

  5. Pls is there other code to deactivate auto renewal of data on etisalat apart from *229*0#. Because response gotten after applied this code is "Sorry the operation failed. Please try again. Thank you".
    I have been applying the code since last week and continue to get the same message. Please help o etisalat continue to deduct =N=70 daily on my account.

    • Omo see Gobe..! Don't mind etisalat friend.
      text ‘stop‘ to 229 and it should stop. And if you still get the error message, i'll suggest you call dir customer care agent to help you deactivate 'auto renewal'.

  6. My prof. This is DG. I did the etisalad and am using it now. Thanks man. But the network is very slow, running on edge though. Abeg add me for whatsapp naw. Its easier for me there. Thanks in advance. My number 861868***40** check email for asterisks values.
    DG from KD

  7. Yomi!! I have almost exhausted my 3gb On etisalat using Modem , but i'm sure i will exhaust it today , If i want to suscribe again will i need to activate bb10 daily data again

    • hello Aychanges,
      If you want to sub again, you may need to activate the bb10 package except if after subscribing, it didn't work. And please when resubscribing, manually send COM to 399 because i oversaw some people saying they got 200mb or so instead of 3GB.

  8. i don't know how u guys get by with the BIS on etisalat..i did mine just as prof instructed..i got a feedback welcome to eti bis afterward i dialed *599*3*2# but once the 10mb is been exhausted it stops browsing ..i still have my 3g how can i get it to work on PC?

    • When you dial the bb10 daily bis subcode, did you get a comfirmation that "your bb10 daily bis is now active"?

      If you didn't get a comfirmation dat your bb10 daily bis is active, it won't work at all. Maybe the 10mb u used is just a normal data on your sim. Check your bal by dialiing *228#, and resub for the daily bb10 bis subscription. Wait for the comfirmation message then set your apn to

    • prof i did get the 10mb,but once the 10 finishes it wont browse any more..i have requested for the 10mb twice an i got welcome to 1010 mb.once the 10 finishes the browser will be showing figures when i load it.

  9. prof i did get the 10mb,but once the 10 finishes it wont browse any more..i have requested for the 10mb twice an i got welcome to 1010 mb.once the 10 finishes the browser will be showing figures when i load it.

  10. Guys complaining of this ish not connecting she should carefully read this, the thing is simple and works one hand.get an eti sim,load 1k.u will get 2k,1 k main balance and 1k acct 5 which calls any ur data either bb or android.make sure u are not connected to d internet.send COM .capital letter.waith for like 5 mins.u will get message dat ur bb plan is now active.dont remove d battery or connect d internet so dat they won't move u to d blackberry server.instead load 100 naira.send DMID to 399 too.100 will removed.wait another 5 mins I'll receive a message of bb10 plan active Oort successful.then u can remove ur battery.wen u reboot put d on ur data and set ur pan to all I did and it worked balance is intact.even my free mb of 15 mba is untouched and I. Use my bonus 1150 naira to call nay network.eti salat ur best friends network.mind u I get download speed of btw 800 to 1000kps in my Firefox without idm go dey reach 1200kps.the streaming does not even lag at all.. Just give it a shot

    • send COM to which number, because am having the same problem, i still have the 3GB but when i try to connect my address bar changes to figures

  11. still working for me… second subscription…..thanks bro yomi………….take NOTE people: when u call customer care to do auto renewal for you,just tell them that u are using bb 10 daily subscription not normal bb sub…..

  12. Abeg Prof is this stuff still working for new subscribers. i followed the instructions, i got the 3G and the 15MB. but as the 15MB finished the bonus 1k that was given when i recharged was used up in browzing and after the money finished, browzing stoped with my 3G still intact. what should i do.Abeg help


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