Leagoo S10 – World Most Affordable Indisplay Smartphone Coming…

We keep seeing monster devices this days and I think Leagoo is about to unleash the dragon monster device “Leagoo S10” redesign, different from what we saw earlier.

Leagoo s10 will feature a 6.1 inch AMOLED 19:9 FHD+ notch display , in-display fingerprint ID and dual rear camera of (SONY 20MP + 13MPMP or SONY 16MP + 8MP).

Leagoo S10

Leagoo wants to use either Snapdragon 710 or Helio P60/P70. For the Ram, we are expecting to see 6GB/8gB of Ram and 64/124/256GB of onboard memory.

leagoo s10

Highlights of The Preliminary Spec of Leagoo S10

Display:6.21 inch AMOLED 19:9 FHD+ notch display

CPU:    Snapdragon 710 / Snapdragon 680 / MTK Helio P60 / Helio P70

RAM:    6GB / 8GB

ROM:    64GB /128GB / 256GB

Rear Dual-cam:  SONY 20MP + 13MPMP or SONY 16MP + 8MP

Retail Price: $300 – $500

No word yet on battery capacity but Leagoo never disappoint. Leagoo S10 will be launched in September.

Disclaimer: the specs mentioned are not final and may (likely) change until release, as has been the case may times before.

via: https://twitter.com/rquandt/status/1018046109095223301

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19 thoughts on “Leagoo S10 – World Most Affordable Indisplay Smartphone Coming…”

  1. $300-$500 is about… Naira ?, don’t know how affordable that is. The specs are cool though i don’t like more than 6inch for a phone.

  2. Absolute beast of a phone. If devices like this keep hitting the naija market, then it won’t be long before we kiss Tecno goodbye

    • really they would dominate, issue is that if only they could reach Nigeria, ehen competition will be activated

  3. The way this Chinese OEM are going I won’t be surprised if they overtake apple, Samsung and Co in the nearest future


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