Accidentally Swallowed Apple AirPod still worked inside a man’s Stomach

A Taiwanese man was stunned to find that his Apple AirPod still worked after he swallowed the device and was forced to dig it out of a toilet. 

According to dailymail,

Ben Hsu fell asleep with the pair of wireless headphones still in his ears but woke up unable to find one of them.

Using an iPhone tracking feature he discovered the device was still in his room and heard its beeping sound following him around.

He said: ‘I checked under my blanket and looked around but couldn’t find it – then I realised the sound was coming from my stomach.’

He went to hospital where an x-ray confirmed the location of the Apple AirPod in his digestive system, and need surgery to remove if it did not appear naturally. Apparently, the dude relieved (poo-poo)himself at a railway station the next day… after a foul-smelling search, he found his £65 AirPod device still intact.

After washing the AirPod and letting it dry Mr Hsu was amazed to find that it still worked. 

‘The battery was still at 41 percent! It was incredible,’ he said, calling his experience with the Apple product ‘magical’. 

What is actually magical to me was the fact that after that foul-smelling search, he’s still able to re-use the AirPod.


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10 thoughts on “Accidentally Swallowed Apple AirPod still worked inside a man’s Stomach”

  1. Phew, that was disgusting. He should bless his stars he didnt undergo the surgery which would have cost him more than the airpod

  2. Mistakenly or what did i read here again ?
    When i first saw the news on twitter, i laugh
    shey airpod look like chinchin ?
    abi which one be mistakenly inside this one
    abi he swallowed it INTENTIONALLY


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