Google is Recruiting for Google+ Beta Testers, Apply Here

Do you have unusually strong opinions about Google+ and what
Google should be doing with it? Then today is your lucky day. Google is seeking
people to help test new features and give feedback on the direction of G+.

If you sign up for Google’s program, you will be granted
early access to new features on Google+. Yes, that means there will be new
features on Google+, which is news to us. You’ll also interact with the product
team at Google to provide feedback.
So if you are familiar and a regular poster on Google+, you
can fill the form here and wait for you to be chosen. Not
all who apply will be accepted, though.

Via: Google+

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23 thoughts on “Google is Recruiting for Google+ Beta Testers, Apply Here”

  1. Are they paying those that they accept? Although i can do anything for google free because their products especially search engine has helped me learn what i couldn't learn in school. It has in fact, transformed me.

    Commenting from OriginalSpecs Blog

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