Airtel Introduce New Data Plan, #1000 For 2Months – With A Stable Data Charge

It seems Airtel telecom is beginning to wake up from their
forgotten slumber. I just noticed their data plan is now stable compare to the
immediate speed of light data zapping. Like I said earlier on that their data
has been reduced from 2Gig to 1.5gb while the price still remain the same. I
had a chat with one of their staff and

he told me the data zapping is caused
by their system due to the initial system upgrade. However, I made a
subscription for a friend modem  8days
ago and yesterday when I checked his data balance, it was 1.2GB; which shows
that their data charges is now stable.

To be candid with you, it seems these guys have seriously
lost customers in terms of data subscription. While I was busy yesterday
calculating my next source of profit, a text scroll into my Smartphone from
Airtel and I quote “Pay N1000 ONLY for 2 months BlackBerry Complete plan valid
for 60 days! Dial *440*191# to subscribe today FOR TWO WHOLE MONTHS”
. At first I
taught it was a mistake but almost everyone around me using airtel also got the
same message.
How Many Gigabytes Does This New Airtel Blackberry Contains?
I’m still going on with my findings because some of the Airtel staffs are not even aware of this new data plans most especially their
so called novice female workers. Any attempt to ask them about this will tell
you it is a system error. Some are saying it’s 6Gb but I don’t think it’s upto
that. I’ll let you know once it been known.
Will It Work On All Device?
That I can’t say since it’s a new plan entirely. But the so called
blackberry unlimited works on all device. If you don’t like MTN Night plan
subscription on your device, you can subscribe for their 1.5gb plan on your
iPhone/iPad, Android and PC because their data charges is now stable.
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24 thoughts on “Airtel Introduce New Data Plan, #1000 For 2Months – With A Stable Data Charge”

  1. I think they are beginning to learn from dir mistakes. Someone should sub for the new plan let's knw hw far with d data cap.

  2. please let's know if it is charged at normal rate,cos i called Cc and the lady that picked my call was kinda confused, told me if u didn't receive the msg,no sub for you but if you did,subscribe… yours truly ..

    she also said the 1.5k plan is charged normally now but i dey fear ooo.. …oga subscribe and let's know na

  3. i was able to make some enquires guys, not every one is eligible for this offer. there are two offer they just introduce the second is #1400 for 2months by dialing *440*111#.

    But not every body is eligible for this plan. before you even load, dial that code first, if you are eligible America will know and you too will know. but their data is now stable. No more excessive data charges again.

  4. Prof. Dat new 2month plan 4 #1,400 pls does it work on pc. I tried it on my sim without credit it says "u donot have sufficient balance 4 dis operation". Does it mean if i recharge i can go 4 d new #1400 bb plan? Tanks in anticipatn

    • Hello bro it means u are eligible for this plan. But at d moment, I don't knw the amounted of data allocated to it. I'll try and sub today or so.

      So long airtel Bis is concern, it works on PC, iPhone, Android including nokia xl

  5. plz yomi, can u PERSONALLY confirm if d data consumption is now normal cos some of my friends are saying dt their data is still being zapped outrageously…

  6. The new Airtel blackberry bundle will be given for only the people that received the message and it will cost you N1000 for 400MB.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Choi.. The good old days. Airtel right now is so wack. I can trek to Badagry and come back to Ikorodu, one page will still be loading.

    All of you that are using airtel, how do you use to do it?


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