#5 Reasons Why You Should Use Airtel Unlimited Bis Plan

It  saddens my spirit
when I discovered that Mtn shifted their bis settings on various phones and PC
except  on Blackberry devices; which in
order words means that Blackberry internet plan no longer works on Android nor PC. Let’s just give it a week to clear all benefit of doubt before we begin to
introduce  an alternatives to using it on
system and other phones.
I would like to rewind back our mind back to the initial
unlimited Airtel plan that is capped 2gig but

Airtel called it unlimited.

I spoke with their customer care services some couples of
days ago why they had to cap the so called

unlimited plan; but the gentle man
said that was what the management decided but it has a lot of advantages. Among
others, he said;

Airtel Unlimited Plan Advantages
Access To Blackberry Protect: I have talked
about blackberry protect and it will be nice to read that article so that you
will know what blackberry protect can do for you.
Registered nothing less than 10 emails on that
plan. This is just somehow equivalent to Mtn Bis plan that you can register up
to 10 emails on that same unlimited plan.
When you subscribe, you get the next month
subscription free. Which in other words means that can subscribe with 1,500 this
month and get free subscription for next month. Am sure Mtn don’t do that
except for automatic blackberry renewal which is not up to a month.
It can browse on every device including Java
The speed is super high where there is 3.G
But there was something that captured my mind, the Airtel customer care said to get 4gig on that same plan I should dial a particular
code while 2gb another code. We are only familiar with the 2gb Airtel unlimited
code not the 4gb.
How Can I Get 4Gb on Airtel Unlimited Plan
Load your phone with #1,500
Dial 440*161# for 4Gb if it is 2Gb you want,
dial *440*16#
Immediately you will receive a message telling
you that the airtel unlimited plan is active that you should remove your battery
and put it in again for it to be active. In most cases, It won’t just browse
except you top it up with 10mb by dialing *440*712*11#
Configure you apn to internet.ng.zain.com or
internet.ng.airtel.com  Password and
username: internet
Connect and keep surfing.
If Mtn don’t  do
something about their blackberry settings on pc, we will hack into their server
and configure it ourselves.
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58 thoughts on “#5 Reasons Why You Should Use Airtel Unlimited Bis Plan”

  1. Prof, thanks for ur anticipation, what pain me past be say I just subscribe for bis 4 days ago b4 this mess, I pray that dis airtel we work for longtime, cos if d airtel no that their using it on other device they may stop it like that emptyhen.

  2. Don't mind doz Pkonkius iniendo. Airtel won't won't block this because it has been on almost a year or more than. Lets rock this sha

  3. @Ibrahim, you can use it on your Android phone wella. Just change your apn to internet.ng.zain.com or internet.ng.airtel.com

    if you don't know how to input this settings on your android phone just follow this little tutorial below

    Tap Menu or Applications
    Tap Settings
    Tap Wireless and Networks
    Tap Mobile Networks
    Tap Access Point names

    Tap New APN
    Tap Name and enter “Airtel Internet” and tap Ok
    Tap APN and enter “internet.ng.zain.com” and tap Ok
    Ensure Proxy is not set
    Ensure Port is not set
    Ensure Username: internet
    Ensure Password: internet

    And you are done

  4. MTN BIS is working on PC & other devices..just add google DNS to it
    PRY DNS:
    SEC DNS: or

    Alternatively, you can use PDProxy or VPNplus to drive it to unlimited scale. Configuration is still same as before.

  5. yo prof… I tried it, after sending the *440*161#, i got a message from Airtel saying I'm not eligible for this plan…

    How do I go around this?

  6. @Anonymous, it means your sim has not been circumsize. It's either you call customer care or they should call you to circumsize your sim. Mind you, when they call you, don't tell them you want to use it on your Android phone or Pc ooo but on your blackberry phone.

  7. Lol, it's just grammar bro. Just to make customer care aware that u wana sub for the package. During this process, they will call you to enlighten u more abut the airtel unlimited. once you recieve thr calls, that is all.

    • Good morning Patricia, it won't work on blackberry Z10 and Q10 since this is just a normal blackberry plan package. Z10 have dir own bb plan. So sorry about this.

  8. Boss I top d Airtel bis wit *141*712*11# dey gave me 10MB it browser 4 like 10min Den stop don't kn wat 2 do pls help.I saw u use *440*712*11# don't kn if dts d problem pls reply me.I did dis sub since last month then it didn't work so I left it since MTN was working then.so I need it na pls my setting re correct thanks boss

  9. i used that code just to enable the unlimited browse on other device but now you don't need that 10mb again as it browses normal without the 10mb stuffs.
    Since you said you subscribed last month, then i will advice you to dial *123*10# to check if you still have data bundle.

  10. I just check na no data bundle left.but my bis is active.see when I did it last month it didn't browse,so 2day I was checking google I saw dt code to top it.so I did it 4 d 10MB.it stop wking after like 10min

  11. I get it na my bis data is finished ,so can I do a day plan to test it.wat is d code 4 a day lan d unlimited? Thank u very much.I like ur page

  12. @Anonymous1, you need to subscribe it again. Before you subscribe it again send Deactivate to 440 so that you will be able to subscribe it.

    @Anonymous2, You can do a day plan to test it if it will work on yur device. Recharge 100 and texd BCD TO 440 to activate the day plan

    @Anonymous3, They have not block it oooo, I am currently using it on my PC, Android Device. So it is working perfectly. Check your Apn
    Make sure your apn is internet.ng.airtel.com
    Password and username:internet.

  13. I kn Airtel 1200 bis is still working on pc but d 1500 unlimited is wat am talking abt. re u using d 1500 own on pc.don't want to make a mistake again ..so if d bcm work will d 1500,work ?

    • Airtel 1,500 rocks well on system. Even without using the 10mb to power it up. You are not going to make any mistake bro. I subscribe for a friend last night and no need of even powering it with the 10mb again. just configure your apn rightly.

    • Relax @Anonymous, it will work. Are you using it on PC or An Android device?
      If you are using it on an PC, configure your Apn to

      If you are using it on your android phone, use this apn

      If you try the above and it refuse to work, then you need to power it up with 10mb; but i know it will work without the 10mb stuffs.

  14. pls wat is the circumcizing issue about pls enlighten me ….wat if am i want to use a a newly bought airtel sim…..what should i do…pls do i need to circumsize or what do u mean sir pls repond asap

  15. to connect with it on PC, just use the following apn
    apn:internet.ng.airtel.com or internet.ng.zain.com

    Once you have done that, connect and you will be amazed at the speed.

  16. Oga yomi, my 18G is about running out, I just want to confirm if d 4G plan is still on, . .and thanks on the prey and connectify, ave been lookin out 4 them.

  17. good day Prof. Pls i've been trying d airtel unlimited plan since ystdy but still cnt get it to work on my pc (with glo unlocked modem). i was using d bb complete plan b4 & twas working perfectly. wat can i do biko?

  18. @Anonymous, the 4GB unlimited Airtel plan is still working perfectly and uniquely.

    @Abdullahi, It's because you just subscribed for the package that is why you are unable to use it.
    configure your Apn like this
    username & Password:internet

    After that, connect and browse. But if it still did'nt connect, that means you will need to power it up with 10mb by dialing *440*712*11#

    After that, it work and blaze.

  19. I don't know if any other person is experiencing what I'm currently going through? My airtel bis has failed to connect since today; I don't know if it's a network problem or has it been blocked ? ? ?

    Somebody pls help. . .

    • It is network issue, i am currently using it on PC bro. it is not blocked at all. It is working on PC, Android and other devices. Tested and Trusted!

  20. I subcribed to Airtel unlimited BIS wch last for 3days. It's not workin' despite d fact that m usin' BB 9530.. Ah topped it with 4MB n changed ma APN,username n pasword to what u said earlier… Cn u help me awt

    • Hello Tony, did you just activated the Airtel unlimited bis plan on that sim? if yes, you will need to subscribe for 10mb by dialing *141*712*11#

      In other to open it up. After that attempt, you don't need to do that again. But make sure your apn is internet.ng.airtel.com and username and password should be internet.

  21. Prof, pls is dis plan still working cos am abt activating it wit my nokia x fone or what's d best plan to use ryt nw with airtel


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