Mtn Just Scrap All Tarriff Plan – You will Now Be Charged Higher Effective From 12 Midnight 14 July, ’13

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has directed
MTN to suspend with immediate effect all its plans with the 10 kobo per second
rates. According to the latest info, about 8 million of its subscribers on the
affected plans (MTN iPulse and MTN SuperSaver plus) would be automatically
migrated to other plans starting from midnight, 14th of July, 2013 to avoid NCC

In order words, they might migrate you to the plan you don’t like and you might
be charged higher than necessary.

No clear reason has been put forward by the NCC directive for their concise
actions. I just checked my balance now and my balance is not even showing my
package instead  ‘your balance is ….”, I then
log in into
only to discover that only True talk and Smoth Talk are displaying. What has
happen to Mtn Supersaver and Ipulse? Final Crucifixion of Mtn Magic Sim.

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19 thoughts on “Mtn Just Scrap All Tarriff Plan – You will Now Be Charged Higher Effective From 12 Midnight 14 July, ’13”

  1. pls how do i make the connection stable after exhausting the threshold frequency on BIS.It keeps shutting me out at intervals.Any help would be appreciated.

    • For now, the existing one is still working. When i discover new way of activating it, i will let the house know about it. Meanwhile, i don't even know the package where Mtn dump me now self.

    I saw this on a site today but i don't know if it's for real. The post goes like this
    MTN Magic Sim Activation Method

    Load #250

    Send MMSU to 131

    Send 2H to 131

    Switch your phone off and remove simcard for 12hours.

    Now insert your simcard and dail *123*2*3*5*1#
    You are set to browse, you can then place simcard in to your 3G modem or tether youe mobile device with your PC and browse the internet.

    Enjoy it while it last!
    My question is this, will it work or just a scam because i have never had of MMSU before in my life. YOmi…. Plz reply


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