Airtel 19Gigabytes – Get Yours Now For Free

Good evening friends, I guess our Etisalat Magic Sim is still
under construction? I was surprise when I logged on the internet and I saw the
post everywhere. My greatest fear is this, the post is already viral on the
net.. I pray etisalat will not block it before it reaches our door step. But if
at all it happened, I will reconsider sharing the second method but it will
take the Grace of God to share it.
This is one of the reasons why I just can’t share the AirtelGigabytes here. The thing is it just can’t be shared because it is absolutely
critical and you won’t understand why. A friend of mine told me he paid 70k to
learn it but I don’t want to venture into that kind of business.

That’s why I
don’t blame those guys who have it already but charge people for it because  it is not all free food that is
good. I was just reviewing the comments I have on the other thread when I saw
this, and I felt it will be necessary to bring this to an appropriate place.

Peter Onyema, one of the readers of this blog felt it wise
to  give out  the airtel Gigabytes free of

charge. I know
most of you have been asking for it for a long time but Peter wanted to give it
out for free this evening. Mind you, I don’t know him face to face, I have
never communicated with him before except on this platform but I know he is
also one of the good Nigerian we have around.

What Can I Do With
The Airtel Free Gigabytes?
Ping unlimited
Download unlimited until you exhaust your data
It only last for one Month
You can browse with it on PC, Android, Iphones,
Symbians and Java Phones  with simple
How Can I Get The
Airtel Free Gigabytes This Evening?
Drop your 
Airtel number here or Send him the  number via his mail [email protected] or call him
or text him on 08131647582
This guy paid heavily to get what he his giving
out for free but I will advise that if you have anything to pay him please don’t
hesitate to do that. This is his account number ACC: 4311032678 Ecobank, Name: Peter Onyema
How Can I Learn
How To Generate The Gigabytes?
To learn how to generate the Airtel gigabytes Just send him a mail at [email protected] or call him
on 08131647582 and he will tell you what is required.

And please don’t cripple the Airtel Network ooo. Lol!
To all my blog readers in South Africa, Zambia, Malaysia etc..
am really sorry because this post is only for Nigerians and I promise I will
make it up to you guys in due course. One Love guys!
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239 thoughts on “Airtel 19Gigabytes – Get Yours Now For Free

  1. sori to mis qoute prof yomi..i said i paid heavly to learn i can gv u gig 4 free nd u can gv me anytin u if u dnt hv? Dnt worri 4 me to taech? U hv to pay a small moni..i'm sori about datz hw it i will start 4rm d first person with 18gig 4 free..try to drop ur number nd reply if u hv gotten ur own.pls dnt b angry wit me about nt teachin it 4 free cos i paid to learn i will gv u guyz gig to browse.tankz

  2. Mr Peter I must sincerely and honestly appreciate you for this good work you and Prof Yomi are doing on this site. I was suprise when i checked my data bundle now and i saw 10GB Just like that. Thank You. I will pay in something into your account First thing on Monday Morning.
    Guys i want to advice please. Don't just get this for free but lets encourage this guys since he paid heavily to get what he his giving out for free. Just pay in something into his account. Good Nigerian' are actually rare. Peter Thank you one's more time. 07081953409

  3. i hv given to some pple bet airetl jst vanish my 5k nw nw 4 d nxt perosn wer i day do i will hv to wait till mornin whn i will recharge nd continue 4rm wer i stp..pls try to apprecaite to encourage me to do more..though d population iz increasin bet i will try my best to gv as mny as 4 dose dat promised on moday? I will b xpectin anytin dat u hv 4 me..ntin iz too small…nd pls dnt ping wit it ooo..cos der will block ur yomi tankz 4 d topic u created 4 me to help dem d way i can..nd i would lik u to call me or email me..tankz pals..cos airtel don suffer 4 we enjoy while it last

  4. Oga peter thnx alot. I couldnt believe their are good 9jarians out there until i met u guys..u will neva regret ur good work.. 08024158913

  5. Thanks Mr. Peter n Mr. Yomi…… I recieved mine and i really appreciate you guys keep it up dont mind the olotes who cant give out what they have and blame or abuse those who give…. God bless you…. Thanks alot.

  6. I now believe that you mr peters is a true disciple of our oga on the top….abeg my number na 08026509040….you go here from me

  7. pls bear wit me pals..i'm a little busy i promise to continue 4rm wer i stp whn i am through wit wot i am doin…make una no tink say i don y is sm1 tryin to insult me whn i am tryin to help..i do bad to gv una gig?.wel dat 1 no day bother me sha cos i don made up my mind to ntin iz pullin me back..jst bear wit me bet i will gv as many as possible even scamer like it or nt..

  8. Hello Mr Peter Onyema, i must sincerely appreciate your effort for helping Nigerians here online with the Airtel free Gigabytes. And l must personally appreciate LeonineDream for posting the procedures also.
    It is very important if you are going to post things like this you should send it into their email address and not posting it in public. I want everyone to enjoy this tweak for long so lets try and preserve it. It will amaze you that little Etisalat BB stuff i sent, it's already viral over the net. So please LEONINEDREAM kindly send it into their email if you wanna share it.
    MTN Magic Sim still Rocks, Etisalat Still Rocks and Airtel too i guess.

    Those Who have received their Airtel free gigs, please remember to tell the guy who sent it to you Tank you. Have a splendid weekend!

  9. my airtel is 08122672005 wanna use it for iphone is that OK? called ur number to ask what to do to learn how to generate gigabyte myself but phone was turned off. thanks so much

  10. I waz among d 1st set of pple dat dropped numba, bt i didn't get anytin 4rm mr Peter. I followed da procedure posted by da oda guy, bt 2 no avail. It kip showin call not allowed. @prof n et al, kindly help!

  11. I must start by saying a big Thank you first to Mr Peter Oneyma for giving out his time and resource to serve everyone here and secondly to Mr Yomi for providing the platform.

    For the hands to be thoroughly clean, the Left hand must wash the right as well as the right washing the left. Mr Onyema has offered to send everyone Bundle that I guess may not be less than 10GB. Let's be realistic here, 100MB is #1,000 and here you have someone who has voluntered to give you guys over 2GB of Data bundle and all people do is just send him number and the best form of appreciation they know is "THANK YOU" without knowing that the guy has to buy airtime as well as spend time to get the job going besides he paid heavily to learn this.Na THANK YOU HE TAKE BUY AIRTIME?

    Funny enough most people often think that whenever a "CHEAT" comes onboard that they are 100% FREE. Some are of the opinion that they MUST never pay for cheat.C'mon yall,let's grow beyond this, just appreciate MR Peter with whatever you have even if you don't have money, if he sends you data bundle try and give him whatever you have even if it is #200 airtime, it goes a long way to oil the wheel of his generosity. I don't know Me Peter Onyema in anyway but, put yourself in his shoes and be wise. We all are Human beings..

  12. MTN Magic sim browsing like wildfire. Etisalat sef dey roll on my younger bro BB. Now i get data i cant finish for a while on my Zain. Now i can switch to any network of my choice. Damn. This feel so good.

  13. i am stii gvin ooo.. Js relax it will get to ur turn..jst bear wit me..i will try my best to gv as many as possible..cos i no b machine nd una still dnt wori i will try my best to gv as much as i can

    Just follow the steps Below and get your own
    unlimited mb now….
    Now the Tutorial….

    Get a phone one which is small nokia like
    touch light or any nokia phone that don't
    have camera..

    Just simple nokia product to perform the
    operation on airtel netwrk…
    You are about to steel their mb…
    Now… put your airtel sim and load #100
    credit on the sim then save discode in your
    contact *440*333#2# name it A so that it will
    come 1st in your contact.

    Then call any airtel line if you have another
    phone with you just put airtel sim and call…
    When is ringing, dont pick the call with the
    other phone. Just quickly scroll to your
    contact and dial the code if it show "request


    STEP 1 Load/recharge 600naira den text or call tin ur credit is 560 naira
    airtime in your etisalat sim, Don't worry nothing will happen to this money, it will just be there.

    PLS NOTE:- If they work for you, appreciate by R/card if you have 08089464107
    STEP 2 Dial *560*800# from your etisalat sim, you will get an error message, just ignore the error message.

    Step 3 Remove your sim Card for 12 Hours Step

    4. Then Put It bk in exat 12hrs tym In a Nokia Torch and Dial # 24*# then *560*800# again You will get another Error Message…

    And Finally DIAL #24*#

    NOTE: IT'S ONLY FOR 6 MONTHS Therefore after 6months it will stop, but i believe before then we will get another solution to extend it till life time.

    • What error exactly will it give when dialing *560*800#???? Becos i tried twice and my money vanished in a blink. If i dial the above, it alwasys gives me "REQUEST NOT COMPLETED". Abi e don cast? Pls respond. Cos i love Eti so much cos of their fastness

  16. Abeg i don post my number since yesterday morning and i never receive anything.please biko this is my number 08081273437.hope am not bothering you thanks


  18. Got my airtel sim fully loaded… I'm back on track. So sowi guyz for not responding to ur questions and requestz, was vewy busy nd hooked up with so many thngz. If u got any problem on thiz, mail me [email protected]
    U can add me up on whatzapp too 08060509067

  19. Here is my number boss, dont forget me-08084868177, i promise to send you card instantly i received it. Thanks

  20. Get a nokia torchlight phone. Two airtel sim cards. Load 1000 on one airtel sim (no more no less). Save *141*712*4*second airtel number# as ur first contact i.e (a). Call any glo,mtn or etisalat no. Make sure the number u are calling does not pick up the phone. While the phone is ringing scroll down to the code u saved as ur first contact and send. U will get error message. Press the back button (not the red button please) then cut the phone. Dial *123*10# on ur second airtel sim.u will see that 200mb has been credited to the second airtel line. Keep doing this till u get upto 30g. If u make mistake ur 1000 will vanish. U can load 100 naira instead of 1000 if u dont want to make mistake. But ur mb will be 10mb not 200mb. And the code for 100 naira is *141*712*11*second airtel sim#. Goodluck. Call 08126202891 if u need help.

    • It's saying the receiver is not allowed to receive this gift…pls what could be the problem or has it stopped?

  21. Am afraid the airtel cheat has been locked!

    Tried doin it after activating lots of gigs on my sim, but remov cash on first dial!

    Try it n give me feedback. Thanks

  22. its still working. don not press the red key on ur nokia torchlight. press the back key. 08126202891 call for help.

  23. mr daveay.chk ur sim card…i jus sent u abt 2gb……… ur luck nai make..i was jus passing by…buh who want more…….text ur number to 08027443633…………………………….i de distribute gigabytes like rice..

  24. Is there any way I can extend my expiring date on my airtel bundle am having 10gig and it expire on d june 19th 2013,how can I extend it…please need help…

  25. make sum of una nor vex sey i nr send una gig…………………….u can imagine sey i send person fr ds site 2gb…i cum tel am weda e dn check?''''he told me wrong number…e cum b like sey i b mumu…and bfr dat e de beg oooooooooo……….i stil de d mara wella………… dn block sum sha buh dem nr reach

  26. hey yomi, does this airtel stuff still work??or has been blocked?? am using my airtel bis to browse tho with the normal 1gig.

    How i go do na, as my mtn magic sim, nor gree browse again.

  27. Bros P…ur boi is loyal oo…abeg,find me smtin on top airtel nak i flex too beg i dey oo…ma Nos is 07081122809…tnks in anticipatn sire!

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