Etisalat Magic Sim – Ping and Download Unlimited For Life

Good afternoon guys, I know we have been waiting earnestly
for this tweak for a very long time. Well, I intentionally delayed it so that I can
verify it’s authenticity. I bet by the time you finish reading this post, your
mind will be blown up because it’s what you least expected. 
This tutorial is actually for all my blackberry users  this time and it will save your pocket of
monthly bis subscription till your next birthday celebration. Though some
people may call it Etisalat Magic Sim but I will call it Etisalat Eternity browsing  Sim
because with this Sim, you don’t  need to
worry over any form of blackberry subscription again.

Benefits Of This Etisalat Eternity Browsing Sim
==>You don’t need to be worried of subscribing for any BIS again
==>Pinging  and downloading unlimited
==>No expiry date
==>Fast and reliable in a 3.G network area
Can This Sim Work On Other Device?
Nope! Only for Blackberry Users. Android, Symbians, and
Iphone users can not partake of it except I

device a means of breaking through
with the Apn settings.

How Do I Activate My Etisalat To Ping Unlimited?
There are two methods of activation, but I will only share
method one with  you guys and method two I
will share it with my grandma alone.
Method one only need 100 to activate while method two only
need 1000 to activate. It sounds so weird but through. I activated method two 
2 months ago and it’s been rocking all the way. 
This is the deal, if you need it, just drop your mail and
you will have it in your inbox before the breaking of a brand new day. 
NB: Only Blackberry users can benefit from it ooo. 
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287 thoughts on “Etisalat Magic Sim – Ping and Download Unlimited For Life”

  1. Bro, please i am having a serious problem here sir, the sims i activated jst stopped working, please help me out, i am confused, please kinly help me out, i heard that there is another way of activating those sims, even without loading any card, please can u help us in getting this? pls we are confused and for the etisalat stuff, my email is: [email protected]

    • @KINGLUGARD stay cool mtn network is not gud this days i av the same Problem too for some hours but now workin try to keep it for some hours stop testin it every mins…i hope dis will help

    • Yes!!! This is Specially for those that Download Heavy
      Files and Browse well on a Daily Basis.. This is the Best
      Way to Cut Short your Daily Internet Expenses with
      the Etisalat BIS Complete Daily Package.

      Now you can Rock this Package on your PC with Full
      browsing and Unlimited Download for justN100 Daily.

      How Can I Use this Etisalat BIS Complete on My

      1. Get an Etisalat Sim and Load upto N100 Recharge
      Card on it, Text COD to 399

      2. You will get a Notification that you've been
      Subscribed for the BIS Bundle, Remove the Sim andInsert into your Modem.

      3. Create a New Profile:-
      Profile Name:- ETISALAT BIS
      APN:- Tick on Static, then type etisalat in the APN Field
      Access Number:- *99#
      Username Password:- web
      Thats All, Connect and Enjoy!!!!!

      NOTE:- No Data Limit, Its Unlimited for 24hrs Daily.
      Enjoy CLICKLOADED IS ur boy creative kunbex

    • What if u already have a BIS plan on the sim do u still need to Send the COD to 399??? And does the mothnly plan work too I.e COM to 399

  2. Prof pls i need the etisalat magic sim oooh….
    email – [email protected]
    that mtn magic sim is still working peeps….bring out dos sim that u ve activated b4 thats not working anymore now…keep on connecting and disconnecting….it must surely work….the magic sim is still working fast peeps…
    And if u should get a message that u ve used 25% or 0mins of ur data bundle….surf for like 20min….then keep the sim for another 24-25hrs..pick it up again and surf unlimitedly….

    Prof no forget to send the etisalat stuff to [email protected]

  3. badooo u don change ooo how u won email everybody hear he no ezy bro….post it out we all no u frm ur good workssssssssssss tanx

  4. Okay guys, that's it.It has been sent. That's all for today. Should in case you did not see it in your mail, it means your email add is faulty. It's okay for now. Enjoy it while it last.

  5. ahhh!!!! I just got it! Thanks a million! Will set about tryin it. U d best bro. I wish cyber-world was closer to real world.

  6. PROF. YOMI..u are the best…..Thanks a dillion i got ur message….its under testing now..hopes it works like ur other creations….GOD BLESS.

  7. Check your mails. It's been sent. That's all. I need result so no more sending Please. Am even scared if etisalat will not block it with the way it has already circulated the internet.

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  9. Please I want to know if the MTN magic sim is still working because I have tried it but my mb got exhausted when it was exactly after 2 hours and since then it refuses to connect again. what should I do? please I need your help and update on this.
    [email protected]

  10. boss tanx. I followed ur procedure and inserted d sim after 48hrs, it came up wit EDGE n its stable but its not browsing. Any solutions?

  11. Damn! Damn!! Damn!!! Thanks Yomi for ur effort but…dis one totally didnt work, heck, it didnt even try to work. But u still remain capable sha. I dont know if u really tested dis method or maybe it has gone bad but I'd appreciate it if u sent d other one u tested to those u sent dis one to. My email remains [email protected] Thanks bro.

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