You Can Now Subscribe For Etisalat Bis Plan For #1,000 With Unlimited Downloading

Guys, this is
hotter than you think. I can boldly beat my chest now that the rate at which
network are competing with each other this days is becoming higher.
Firstly, Mtn Nigeria reduced their Biscomplete plan from unlimited to 3gb
therefore enabling you to browse on your system without any Vpn. Just connect
automatically. And fast guys discovered how you can download unlimited from
mtn. Now, Etisalat just reduced their Bis Plan of 3k to #1,000. According to what
they pasted on their site, but I am still waiting for when Blackberry service
will be reduced to #200 per month.

The new
etisalat BlackBerry® Complete Plan offers you the following

  • Internet
  • 1 web-based
    email account (yahoo, gmail, MSN, etc)
  • Social
    Networking (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Instant
    Messaging on yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Google talk
  • BlackBerry
    Messenger (BBM)
  • BlackBerry
    email ([email protected])
  • BlackBerry
    App World.
COD  to  399
COW  to 399
COM  to 399
MTN Biscomplete
goes for #1,500, Airtel goes for #1,200 and now, Etisalat goes for #1,000. You
can now see what am talking about? Competition is now higher than you think. But
there is something Etisalat will never tell you … wether we  can browse with it on system or not.
Why You Should
Consider Using Etisalat Bis Plan?
It is unlimited.
When I mean unlimited, I mean it cannot finish. You can download until you are
fed up of downloading from the internet. You can also use it to browse on
system without any software at all. I am currently testing the settings on my system
if it will stop after a week, if it continues to browse on system after seven
days, I will post the tutorials on how to configure it to work with your
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45 thoughts on “You Can Now Subscribe For Etisalat Bis Plan For #1,000 With Unlimited Downloading”

  1. For your symbian phone, use this settings
    Connection Name: Etisalat Bis


    Username: Empty Password: Empty Click Option >> Advanced Settings >> DNS address
    Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:


    Port: 8080

  2. i try the etisalat one day BIS subcription, i waited for a succesful massage but it naver came so i check my balance #100 was been deducted so i insert it in my modem and configure it. it did not browse so i use Airtel settings and it browse for like 5 mins and stopped.i guessed it is the weekly mb that made it browse for the 5 mins, what do you advise i should pls.

    • Emmi, it is not the weekly 5mb but i guess it is a temporary network problem. I tested this with one day bis subscription, and on one month bis subscription; it works perfectly and well. I will suggest you try it again.

  3. i confirm from etisalat help desk and i was told that weekly mb can not work with bis subcription. i think the unlimited download is not working with the bis sub. i even try it today again but it did not browse at all.

    • Mr Emmy, Etisalat will never tell you the truth about unlimited downloads. But in my post, i did not made mention of weekly mb na? The unlimited download works with bis subscription. You need to use the parameters above to make it browse.(Check the thread where i posted the settings on how to make it browse on system. It is working well)

  4. sir yomi if i were to sub 1day bis on symbian phone will it wrk n download unlimited???? And secondly if i wer to subscribe 7am in d mornin wil it expire 7am d next day,,,or will it end by 12am eaily mornin 0:00 o'clock?????

    • One day bis will work on Symbian if you correctly enter the Apn Parameters. Secondly, one day bis i don't think it will work unlimited since i hav't try it before. if you subscribed by in the morning, it will end by 7.ooam the next morning.

  5. Dear Yomi, i want to go for the etisalat new complete plan of 1,000 but i want to find out from you if you are really sure its unlimited becos i love downloading movies and i dont want to get disappointed
    or shld i simply go for the Etisalat Absolute planwhich is 1,500???

    • @Anonymous the absolute package is unlimited, this i know like i know my name. but a friend told me the complete is equally unlimited; but i will advice you go for the absolute.
      @Tunde, since you love downloading like me, i will advice you too should go for the absolute since it is confirmed unlimited.

  6. I subscribed to Eti BIS with 1000. I used the as APN and the Goodle DNS address as desscribed. It didn't browse.
    I also configured my Firefox browser with the IP & port given, no show.
    I later switched to the Airtel APN. Still didn't browse rather their server redirects me to
    Any solution?

    • I must sincerely apologise for this inconveniences but the above settings you used as been blocked. Am trying all i can to locate a software that will enable Eti bis browse on system. i sincerely apologise for not notifying you earlier about the Update.

  7. I just subscribe but I still cannot use my bbm yet,still waiting for there confirmation message
    I'm tired of waiting.

  8. Just love this guy as he keeps bringing something new to the table. You have made it possible for virtually anyone that wants to know how they can browse with little or no credit.

    Keep up the good work my brother, you are the biggest thing that has happened to the internet world and i am proud to have known you.

  9. Etisalat #1000 bis give a data cap of 3gb and after exhausting it, their fair usage policy come into play. This 3gb can only be used on blackberry not computer

  10. Will this COM to 399 work on Java ?….and if it would pls tutor me abt the proxy be4 i subscribe 4 it…………and umm My daily subscription Expires 12 A.M why?

  11. Yomi, which package would you subscribe for my iphone 5 and ipad 2. I'm tired of spending so much to access the internet. I love downloading movies and heavy softwares. Please rescue me bro.

  12. Prof dis one no work for me o, ive activated bith the minthly and the 10 mb, both have been activated, apn easy cliq package. Ols helo

  13. I subscribed for etisalat monthly BBC/BIS wit *499*3# and they gave me 500mb for one week and deducted 500…plzzz how is this possible?…

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