Have You Heard? – Kobo Messenger

With the emergence of different chatting apps, the word
boredom should be strange to you. I know if a survey is to be
carried out and this question is asked, “Choose between your mobile device and
your spouse”
  so many people will prefer to choose their smartphone
because it’s not only number one antidote to boredom but it keeps you connected
to real people at any given time who shares the same vision with you.

KoboIM is an instant messaging, social networking, and
marketplace-classifieds app, with over 1000 Chat rooms, available for download
in 16 countries. With KoboIM users get the chance to make new friends from
around the globe, network, advertise your goods and services, buy and sell used
items, and much, much more in a most secure environment.
Why Should I Use KoboIM?

==>Rich Presence, Message Broadcast, Multi-User Chat,
File/Photo Sharing, Emoji, Offline Messages/Message Waiting, Personal profile
editing, MarketPlace Classifieds,
==>You can also shop, buy & sell merchandise at the
marketplace (if you have been looking for a place to sell your old, inferior
smartphone, look no other place but KoboIM)
==>You can apply for Jobs to every job seeker with KoboIM
==>Meeting thousands of kobo users in over 253 countries.
==>It has online games to every game lover and E-commerce
section just to wow you.
Compatible Device
At the moment, it is available for Blackberry, Android &
Nokia phones.
Where Can I Download It?

For Android users, download it here
For Blackberry users, download it from appworld
For Nokia users, download it from Nokia store
It is new, it is fresh and it is so rich… look no other
place than Kobo Messenger.
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28 thoughts on “Have You Heard? – Kobo Messenger”

  1. Prof,pls I downloaded d mtn config files again as given out d second time,openvpn still complained d same as error.Pls,help out Thanks.

    • OpenVPN has been having some issue but make use of Simple server Download it Simple Server for PC
      Then change the config file file to what is below

      LHOST = ''
      IMETHOD = 0
      ISPLIT = 5
      RHTTP = 0
      TIMEOUT = 60
      PHOST = ''
      RQUERY = ''
      RPATH = 0
      PTYPE = 0
      KEEP = ''
      BQUERY = ''
      MQUERY = ''
      RHTTPS = 1
      PPORT = 8080
      LPORT = 8080
      VALHDR0 = ''
      VALHDR1 = ''
      VALHDR2 = ''
      VALHDR3 = ''
      IQUERY = ''
      ADMODE = 0
      CQUERY = ''
      CUSHDR2 = ''
      CUSHDR3 = ''
      CUSHDR0 = ''
      CUSHDR1 = ''
      ILINE = 0
      FQUERY = 'ping.blackberry.com%2f%3a%0a@'
      SBUFF = 1024
      RPORT = 0

  2. Pls Mr yomi My glo 3G is not showing. I hv tweaked my Imei to another one and i have reset my phone. Still the 3g refuse to show. For some weeks now my glo has not bin connecting well. Pls what shud i do?

    • Young man do u use tecno? If yes! …I had a friend that experienced the same on his tecno r7 .. Tried all u said but to no avail .. I adviced him to take the phone back to carlcare for repair since its under warranty but before that i made sure i unrooted his phone and restored the original imei too. Just take it to em.. It should be fixed .

  3. @yomiproff: pls if it is possible to renew the etisalat 1.5g stuff……how can I go about it? my mb will b expiring in 1 day time…..


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