Are They Kidding Me? MTN Introduces #10 Recharge Card

This MTN Surprise is turning into something else. I was
expecting something more unique as a surprise package from MTN atleast to
maintain their hype this so called season of surprises, not until when I
stumble on this post that Mtn beginning from today will launch the recharge of
#10. In order words, you’ll be able to make a recharge of #10.

This sound strange and I consider it an epileptic decision
made by the so called telecom company. Are they trying to say the common man
cannot afford #100? Or is it another season of surprises? I was expecting to
see a faboulous surprise from them introducing cheaper call rate, and a better
Android plan and not this so called “awoof recharge”. 
You too tell me, who will you call with #10 recharge when
you are being charged 20k per sec?
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19 thoughts on “Are They Kidding Me? MTN Introduces #10 Recharge Card”

  1. I just have to keep posting this until you respond.
    Prof, I remember all your promises to those who owns MTN sm@rtmini which has not been fulfilled to date. refer to the link below.

    We are endlessly waiting to hear from you on how to tackle the two issues.
    I got CDS information- Radio…-Phone 1& 2 but I keep getting the error Cannot sent AT comand when I try to tweak imei even though there's a space btw AT & +EGMR.
    We still wait for a heads up on altering E wt H,H+ on sim 2 & the posibility of unlocking sim one to use another network.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Oga prof please help your guy, my Google play store refused to open, the respond I receiv from it, is always UNFORTUNATELY YOUR GOOGLE PLAY STORE HAS STOP. please help me, and some applications on my phone refused to open like TEMPLE RUN AND CANDY CRASH refused to open as well.

    • For google play – goto settings – Apps – move right to all – search for Google Play – select it and move down – then clear and clear cache. the try logging in again.

  3. pls prof yomi My gionee M2 is no more charging even have changed the charging port same thing and some? the phone do display charger over voltage av even try to change charger yet same thing

  4. prof i greet u serously from where i abeg my MTN smart S720i android fone nor dey gree accept another line apart from mtn sim card for sim 1..wat will i do so dat the fone go dey accept any sim card for both sim slot?? Abeg prof help me wit solution!??

    • Yes, there is a solution. Octupus box is the solution. Thesame box samsung user use in changing there imei. It will be more easier to change if you are in lagos


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